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Sanjay Maternity Centre to hold free consultation for Teachers


DEHRADUN, 4 Sep: As a mark of tribute to the teaching community, Sanjay Maternity Centre is offering free online medical consultation to teachers for 5 days from 5 September, Teachers’ Day.
Female teachers will be given free consultation by Dr Sujata Sanjay via Tele Medicine. She has requested teachers to avoid goin out of the house. Social distancing alone could prevent corona. Teachers experiencing any problem could seek advice and treatment from her at the number, 9412028822. Patients need to WhatsApp all their tests and prescription before calling.
“Teachers are the cornerstones of the future and create responsible citizens and good human beings. Teachers’ Day is celebrated to show our acknowledgement and recognition of the hard work put in by teachers for our development,” she said.
Talking about the “Diksha” initiative, Dr. Sujata said, “Teachers are the pillars of building a society. But they are mostly ignored on many occasions on the assumption that they do not have any health problems. Teachers undergo a lot of stress owing to issues like completing the syllabus in time, helping the students with academics, etc. Therefore, to support these teachers, we have decided to provide free online consultation facility. A special 20 per cent concession will be offered for procedures to the teaching community”
She added, “Today, it is vital to maintain health conditions of teachers as they look after the children in the school. This health check-up will give an impression of the current condition of their overall health, thereby, helping them improve their quality of life.”
The hospital is also organising online health awareness talks for teachers and requested all teachers to avail this facility for a healthy life.