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Satpal Maharaj to inaugurate George Everest House in Mussoorie tomorrow



DEHRADUN, Dec 5: It is not a widely known fact that Sir George Everest after whom the world’s highest peak was named ‘Mount Everest, had spent a substantial part of his life in Mussoorie. Sir Everest was a surveyor and geographer from Wales and he had rightly estimated the exact height and location of Everest for the first time in history. Therefore, on the recommendation of British surveyor Andrew Waugh, in the year 1865, this peak was named after him. Earlier this peak was known as ‘Peak-15’.

Few know that the house that Sir George Everest lived in Mussoorie is located in Hathipaon area, and was in a dilapidated condition when Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj took the responsibility of restoring the glory of this House known as Sir George Everest House, which is located in the estate covering an area of 172 acres. Now that the restoration of the housing complex is complete, Maharaj is all set to inaugurate the restored house on Tuesday, 7 December. It may be recalled that the restoration of Sir George Everest House was initiated on 18 January, 2019 and the restoration of the Complex has been done at the cost of Rs 23.69 crores. The restoration was undertaken under the Uttarakhand Tourism Infrastructure Development Investment Programme. The completed restoration work of Sir George Everest Heritage House, has been carried out under the scheme funded by Asian Development Bank. The unique feature of the restoration is that this historic Sir George Everest House in Mussoorie, was in a very dilapidated condition in the past, and that it has been reconstructed not by using cement but by grinding a special mixture of lime, brick powder, some lentils, fenugreek seeds in a grinder and the bricks used for restoration were also special and are called Lahori.

Reception Centre and adequate parking space provided

It is pertinent to remind here that the traditional wooden houses of Uttarakhand remain as strong as new even decades after. Hence, similar concept has been used for the waiting rooms built on George Everest and they will be a very eye-pleasing and relaxing experience for the tourists visiting it. Signages have been placed at various places for the information of tourists about each location. A reception counter and adequate parking have also been constructed to facilitate the tourists near the Boom Barrier. The tourists will be provided with all relevant information with regard to the building and its history at the reception counter.