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‘Secrets’ focuses on relationships & family



Dehradun, 7 Feb: In the intricately written ‘Secrets’, authors Zenaida Cubbinz and Ishan Chauhan have presented readers with eight amazing short stories that perfectly encase the essence of history, relationships and familial bonds.
Zenaida Cubbinz is a writer, poet, teacher and editor. She teaches High School English in Mussoorie, where she lives with her daughter.
Ishan Chauhan is a writer, editor and law student who has been a book lover for ages.
Following a second person narrative, Secrets is a collection of short stories inspired by real life incidents and people. The book is full of characters that lead normal lives on the outside but are truly festering with rotting secrets that hide inside them.
The book opens the conversation for many topics that are treated as taboo such as loveless arranged marriages, victim blaming and incest.
While the book does contain certain parts that feel a bit too stretched and detailed to be a part of a short story, they do not hinder the reading experience.
‘Secrets’ is a beautifully written book that leaves the reader with ample food for thought and a thirst to read more.