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Sensitisation Programme on Forestry & Horticulture held by IISWC


By Our Staff Reporter 
Dehradun, 10 Aug: One day tree planting drive was organised by ICAR–Indian Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Dehradun, at Udpalta village, Chakrata Block. In this programme, forestry (Baanz, Bauhinia, Bheemal, Chulu and Melu) and aromatic grass planting materials were distributed to villagers for degraded land, sustainable livelihood and doubling farmer’s income. It was attended by 25 farmers. The distribution programme was successfully conducted by Dr JMS Tomar, Dr AK Gupta, Dr Pawan Kumar and Ravish Kumar.
Dr JMS Tomar, Principal Scientist (Agroforestry), explained the importance of conserving natural resources (Soil & Water) besides doubling the farmers’ income. He appealed to the farmers to adopt soil and water conservation technologies for improving soil health, which would increase productivity manifold, besides sustainable production. He said that by planting forestry and aromatic plants, soil and water erosion could be reduced greatly. He also stressed on planting of lemon grass on landslide prone areas. Dr Anand Kumar Gupta, Scientist (Environmental Science) gave a brief talk on the role of different kinds of plantations in environmental conservation. He discussed various bio-engineering measures for erosion control and environmental protection. He also spoke about rehabilitation of degraded and eroded lands through various hardy grasses, medicinal plants and suitable multi-purpose tree species and their combinations (bhimal + Napier, eucalyptus + Gorda grass and poplar based land use systems, etc).
Dr Pawan Kumar, Scientist (Plant Breeding), stressed upon the diversification of planting materials and new agroforestry technologies for different agro-climatic conditions particularly in the Himalayan region. He also emphasised cultivation of vegetables which have great scope as peri-urban horticulture for doubling farmers’ income in these villages and also nutritional security.
Chaman Singh Rai and Jaipal Rai appealed to villagers to take up such plantation as these trees would help in overall development of the village. Villagers Puran Singh, Sandeep, Pradeep and Dinesh actively participated in the programme. Ravish Singh, Ajay and Jalam Singh made useful contributions to the success of the programme.