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Several Welham Girls’ students test Corona positive



DEHRADUN, 4 May: At least 6 girl students of the well known residential school, Welham Girls’, have tested Corona positive. This is the second school in Dehradun where students have tested positive in the past few days. As a result, Welham Girls’ School was today declared a micro-containment zone by the District Administration. Earlier, another school, also in Dalanwala, had reported that a student had tested Corona positive. That school, too, was declared a micro-containment zone for two days. What is surprising is the fact that schools have been open for several months and it is not a case of students reporting Corona positive on returning from their homes. According to sources, the students detected Corona positive did not have any recent travel history and, therefore, there are strong chances of them having caught the infection within the school on coming in contact with local staff as this is a residential school. In the past two days, the Corona positivity rate has gone beyond 1 percent. In Dehradun, however, the positivity rate has gone up to 14 percent. In fact, detection of Corona in schools has probably revealed the need for greater caution and testing in the schools of Uttarakhand. This news has created panic among parents and guardians whose children are studying in Dehradun schools. All these girl students have been isolated in the school itself. Today, Dehradun reported 14 fresh Corona cases in total, with the state reporting 23 cases during the past 24 hours. While it has been declared mandatory to wear masks in public places in Dehradun by the district administration, the rise in positivity rate is causing some concern. At the same time, as a precaution, the district administration has declared Welham Girls’ School a microcontainment zone. Even though the figures regarding the corona infected in the state may not be disturbing, as yet, the health department’s concerns have increased due to students being found infected in schools.