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SHEWA Society holds webinar on cancer prevention


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 4 Feb: Cancer is the second most deadly disease in the world. World Cancer Day is observed on 4 February and on this day all the people are made aware on how to prevent it and its treatment.
On this occasion, a webinar was organised by Sanjay Orthopaedic, Spine and Maternity Centre and SHEWA Society, Jakhan, here, in which people were made aware about cancer. Dr Sujata Sanjay, obstetrician, said that regular cleaning of the private parts and vaccination are the best ways to prevent cervical cancer.
Dr Gaurav Sanjay, who is a well-trained Orthopaedic surgeon and has worked in many countries such as America, UK, Hong Kong, Japan and Canada, provided detailed information about bone cancer. He said that legs which were amputated earlier are being saved, today, with multi-disciplinary modern medical and surgical treatments, as well as limb salvage surgery.
Dr BKS Sanjay said that air, water and food are necessary for any person to live. Adulteration in food and pollution in the air had become the primary cause of cancer. Talking about lifestyle related habits such as tobacco chewing, smoking and drinking, he said they fuelled the fire, hence, the number of cancer patients was increasing by the day. These included mouth cancer by taking tobacco and gutka, liver cancer from drinking, and lung cancer from smoking. Dr Sanjay said, if a person has cancer symptoms such as lumps, swelling, unbearable pain in any part of the body, a trained doctor ought to be contacted. He added that, if only a few people change their lifestyle after listening to the lecture, then its purpose would be fulfilled.