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Shifting Sands


How quickly the narrative has changed. Not so long ago, there was concern about the circumstances that allow Pakistan sponsored Pulwama like attacks. As it could not be business as usual, the Indian Government upset the existing paradigm by asserting its right to attack terrorists across the border, something that may be repeated multiple times in the future. It launched an IAF strike on the terrorist training HQs in Balakote. It was much lauded, even by those temperamentally unwilling to do so, but the assertion was the credit went to the IAF, certainly not the Prime Minister. A day later, with Pakistan’s intrusion, the story was about Modi arming the IAF with outdated MIG-21s and endangering the lives of brave fighter pilots. Pulwama has been forgotten, as has the need to bring Masood Azhar and his ilk to book; all that is required is that the captured Wing Commander be released and Pakistanis will have proven they are nice people. Few recall that similar – much more cacophonic cries – had gone up during the Kandahar hijack, forcing the then government to release the very terrorists that are creating trouble for India today. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan wants to talk peace, but ignores India’s long standing demand that his country exhibit basic sincerity by recognising and acting against terrorists who openly have declared war and claim credit for carnage across the border. He is being given support by activists in India who accuse the PM of ‘politicising’ the issue for electoral gain, because he has gone about his job unfazed. Of all the crimes mentioned above, this is considered the biggest by this lot, and the most unforgivable. Now recall how Britain reacted in its darkest hour after Dunkirk, when over fifty thousand of its soldiers had been taken captive and Hitler had offered peace, failing which, an invasion. USSR’s Stalin had made a deal with Germany and Britain was isolated in Europe. (The US came to its aid later.) The then Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, rejected the offer and gave his famous speech – ‘We will fight them on the beaches, etc.’ Hitler unleashed the ‘Blitzkrieg’, but the morale of the British did not falter. Were they war-mongers? Did they not want peace? The kindergarten liberals that are advocating peace as a means, instead of an end are of the Neville Chamberlain variety – hoping to ward off the inevitable by feeding the monster at the gates. Pakistan’s sponsorship of terrorism must stop. India must adopt all means to ensure this – including coercive action by its military. Indians must not forget that it takes a great people to make a great nation.