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Shigally celebrates Annual Day, holds Mock UN Summit



Dehradun, 31 Dec: The 17th Annual Day celebration was held recently at Shigally Hill International Academy, here, with much fanfare and enthusiasm. The MCs Deepti Gurung and Priti Karki hosted the event. The Chief Guest was Rajiv Bhartari, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests.
The ceremonial lamp was lit by the Chief Guest, the founder Principal Dr Appleby and a parent. The school choir sang ‘Mangal Gaan’.
The programme included a Russian folk dance. The theme for the Annual Day was ‘Bagheshwari’, which depicted the conservation of Tigers and the ‘Save The Tigers’ Campaign. It was choreographed and scripted by the performing arts Guru, Sharmila Bhartari, an accomplished classical Odissi dancer.
The dance drama was performed by the dancers in the form of a dialogue between Goddess Durga and the Tigers, who were portrayed not just as her vehicles for transportation, but also her sons. Poaching of tigers infuriated Durga so she acquired a Chandi form.
Following the address by the Director, Manraj Pallan, Chief Guest Rajiv Bhartari released the school magazine for the year 2019-20 and addressed the audience. He stressed on the critical need for Tiger Conservation.
Parents, staff and students also visited the Art Exhibition.
Earlier, the Academy achieved yet another milestone by successfully organising the 7th Shigally Summit 2019 on World Affairs held on 11 and 12 December. The Summit allowed students to interact as delegates of an International Government. All the students from classes V to XI participated. The delegates were thrilled to be a part of a platform for debating international issues, resolving crises, drafting resolutions to combat issues, and to socialise.
The Summit focused on becoming further acquainted with the Model UN system, through the use of the two UN committees, DISEC and UNHRC. Heated debates took place in both the committees on the agendas: “Does the World Need Non Proliferation Treaty”, “Scrapping of Article 370”, and ‘Self determination of Kurds and Houthis”.
The Summit commenced with a skit presented by the girls of classes V and VI depicting the horrors of political unrest and bombing.
In the DISEC Committee, the US delegate (Yaashree Bharadwaj) and the Indian delegate (Suhanee J Mitra) won the Best Delegate Award. The Best Delegate Award for the UNHRC Committee was won by Yemen (Pema Chukit Lepcha) and Iran (Aditi Gaur).
It proved to be a stimulating educational experience in which students experienced and learnt about diplomacy, international relations, debating skills, critical thinking and leadership abilities. The summit was concluded by the children of classes V-VI who came down as angels from heaven, bringing peace and appealing to all people to live a life of compassion and unity.
The entire Summit was conducted by the students of Class XI as the Executive Board. It comprised Secretary General (Ashika Chettri), President (Manya Jaiswal) and the Chairpersons of DISEC (Rasmita Gurung and Sushma Giri), UNHRC (Bhavini Golash, Banus Devi Subba and Tanvir Hoque). The crisis for all the committees was framed by the crisis Directors, Tara Sherpa and Anita Rai.