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Shiv Panditt talks about importance of teamwork in audio-visual content


Actor Shiv Panditt, who is awaiting the release of his upcoming web series ‘Sutliyan’, opened up about the importance of teamwork while working in a creative medium and how good camaraderie translates to great on-screen chemistry. Talking about his experience of working with his fellow cast members, Shiv said, “Vivaan and I went to the same school in Dehradun so I’ve known Vivaan from before and I have worked with his mother, so, I had that bonding with Vivaan. Both Plabita and Ayesha are easy to get along with. Instantaneously we all got attached like friends and family. Of course, our Director and Producers aided us in creating that dynamic.” Breaking down what additionally went on the sets during the show’s making, the actor further said, “However, we read the scripts beforehand and all of us met up twice or thrice to do a reading of the show. We jammed back and forth on a couple of lines, also all these guys, Vivaan, Plabita and Ayesha, are such terrific actors that on-set also we used to keep working on our scenes a couple of times and help each other out.” “So, all the four actors in the show, including me, all came with a mindset of wanting to achieve something and making the audience believe our onscreen camaraderie. It was not like we are here and we need to do this job”, he added. The actor is over the moon to have worked with people who share the same level of passion, “We all came with a very positive mindset to do a good job and I am very happy to have worked with such talented colleagues like Vivaan, Ayesha and Plabita who too believed in teamwork. There was support and positivity throughout and we had a good team, things sort of always became easier and better to do. So, I am very happy about that”.