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Short film Khulasa released on YouTube


DEHRADUN, 12 Jan: Denkpause Films, a film production company from Dehradun has released its third short film called “Khulasa-The Revealing” on its channel on youtube and social media. Vikram Bhandari, writer-director, says the film was inspired by actual events that a close friend’s family experienced. The logline of the film is “When Akshay’s wife goes missing after they return from a short vacation, the distressed husband reports the matter to the police, which reveals the mystery of Reena’s sudden disappearance in a layered and juxtaposed fashion.”
Vikram Bhandari’s last film called “Enjoy-Pleasure Paradox” was selected at several films festivals including the Delhi International film festival, Kolkata Film Festival and the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2018, where it won the “Honourable Jury Award” Denkpause Films’ vision is to create films that are not only entertaining but thought provoking as well. Its goal is to make films that are not only entertaining but also throw light on various socially relevant themes, sensitive issues, social stigmas, the human condition, human psyche; subjects which are usually not explored enough in mainstream media.
Next up, Denkpause Films is planning a series of short films to be shot and produced in and around Dehradun. Coming Soon!