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SJA celebrates Junior School Cultural Day

Dehradun, 17 May: Cultural Day was hosted for the Junior School, St Joseph’s Academy, today, in the School Auditorium.
The programme provided a platform to the Junior Josephites to showcase their multifaceted talent. Beginning with the invocation dance and culminating with the School song, the entire three and half hour programme was a coming together of beauty in motion and covered a variety of topics from Pandora’s Box to the Goa Carnival to ‘Girdhar’s Meera’.
Besides the musical extravaganza, the programme also carried the message of saving the environment and the things one could learn from changes in the seasons. More than 1000 students took to the stage during the duration of the programme and ‘wowed’ the audience with their histrionics.
Bro Jeyasaalen S, the new Principal, and Bro Binoi, Vice Principal, were the Chief Guests. Both brothers were very appreciative of the efforts put in by the students and congratulated S Hasan, coordinator of the Junior School, and the staff, for a programme successfully executed.