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Social organisations protest increase in prices



Dehradun, 2 Aug: At a recent meeting attended by members of several social organisations, participants expressed resentment that the prices of a number of items of daily use were going up and there was no check to control those.
Prominent among those who expressed these views included Sushil Tyagi, Brig KG Behl (Retd), JS Jassal, PD Gupta, Sushila Baluni, Col BM Thapa (Retd), Uma Sisodiya, Manoj Dhyani, Col AK Minhas (Retd), Rama Goyal and Arif Khan.
Brig KG Behl, President, AICC and SNS, pointed out that, recently, UPCL, increased the rates of electricity in spite of protests and representations made to UERC. Suggestions had also been offered on ways and means by which expenses could be curtailed and dues involved in court cases recovered. Electricity was also being stolen and unlawfully used with no action being taken against the culprits.
It was pointed out that the water charges were also being increased linking them with the rates of house tax, which had also gone up. Also, no meters had been fitted to know amount of actual consumption. Inspite of assurances by the Jal Nigam that meters would be installed, no action had been taken.
It is also learnt that the circle rates of land are being increased which would make real estate costlier.
It had been noticed that the shopkeepers increased their rates off and on, as there was no check or control by the Government. This also applied to the rates of vegetables and fruits, as also milk.
It was suggested that government look after the interests of consumers and control prices accordingly.