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SRHU receives patent for ‘Strapless Facemask’



Dehradun, 18 Mar: A “Strapless Facemask” has earned a patent for the research team at Swami Rama Himalayan University, here.

The facemask comprises a fabric structure with two layers, separated from one another. The fabric could be woven or non-woven. This has been designed to prevent passage of infectious elements through it such as virus, bacteria and dust. The fabric structure is machined into a shape that enables easy symmetrical folding.

A metallic wire (that can be selected from a list comprising Spring Steel, Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Cobalt-Nickel, Copper Base) has been placed between the two layers of the fabric. The fabric structure is stitched around the metallic wire to facilitate providing structural stability to the facemask. Two flaps have been coupled to two flaring ends of the facemask. The two flaps are configured to fit over a wearer’s ear, thereby securing the facemask over the wearer’s mouth and nose. Structural stability provided to the mask due to the metallic wire provides better fitting, and negates requirement of a strap.

Masks which have straps to loop around the ears cause irritability or discomfort and pressure at the back of the ears for extended time users. Also, they leave gaps that allow unfiltered air to enter in or out of the users’ mouths.

During the Covid 19 crisis, wearing facemasks had become an essential precaution to keep one safe from the infection.

On an average, people were reduced to wearing masks for 10 to 12 hours per day. And, in general, every mask which they were getting from the market, had the provision of straps that were uncomfortable or irritable. Therefore, the need was felt for portable oxygen generating devices that could overcome shortcomings or provide solutions and techniques, which could be robust, portable, efficient, cost-effective.

The strapless mask is made of strapless material (polyester) that is light in weight. It fits the face closely as it has the capability of being sealed tightly to the wearer’s facial contours. It does not create facial trauma. It is washable and reusable. It will be more convenient for long term use.

The President of SRHU, Dr Vijay Dhasmana, stated, “I congratulate the team for this valuable work and their creative minds. This will add another chapter to our world of awesome success stories. There can be no better work than public service and this invention will be highly useful for the masses.”

VC Dr Rajendra Dobhal added, “I am proud of the entire team. I wish them continued success.”