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St George’s College holds Award Distribution Ceremony for ISC Batch-2022


By our Staff Reporter

Mussoorie, 16 Mar: The Prize Distribution Ceremony for the Outgoing Batch of 2022 was organised on 14 March.

Province Leader, Patrician Congregation, Brother Jerome Ellens was present on the occasion. Also present were Superior Brother PU George; Principal, Brother Joseph M Joseph; Vice-Principal, Brother Shaju Thomas, parents of award winners, members of the staff and students.

The programme began on an auspicious note with a prayer invoking God’s blessings.

Bhavnesh Negi formally introduced the Chief Guest, Brother Jerome Ellens through an enlightening video presentation. Ellens was welcomed with a bouquet of flowers.

This was followed by lighting of the ceremonial lamp by Brother Jerome, Superior PU George, Principal Brother Joseph M Joseph and Vice-Principal Brother Shaju Thomas.

The School Choir presented a melodious prayer in praise and thanksgiving.

The Awards for Academic Excellence were given out by Vice-Principal Brother Shaju Thomas and Senior Coordinator PD Jaiswal.

Aditya Vikram Singh received academic awards for excellence in English, Psychology and Biology. Parth Jindal received the award for excellence in Commerce. The awards for excellence in Chemistry and Computer Science were received by Lakshay Gupta. Syed Akhiyer Ali received the awards for commendable achievement in Geography, Political Science and Economics. The award for meritorious achievement in Physical Education was received by Aaditah Jain and Kshitij Rungta.

Superior Brother PU George felicitated the Office Bearers for faithfully carrying out their responsibilities during their tenure as House Captains, School Prefects, Members of the Editorial Board, Members of the Debating Society, Members of the Cultural Committee and Members of the Multimedia Board.

Colours for excellence in Sports and other co-curricular achievements were awarded to the following students:- Colours for Football – Harkaran Veer Singh, Saksham Jain, Arnav Kashyap, Devansh Singh, Abel Mathew, Varun Tandon and Harshit Bansal; Colours for Hockey – Shikhar Sinha, Mukund Agarwal; Colours for Basketball – Anuraj Srivastva, Shreyansh Anand, Lakshay Gupta; Colours for Cricket – Kshitij Rungta; Colours for Badminton – Arnav Kashyap, Gunin Arora; Colours for Table Tennis – Ajitesh Mehrotra; Colours for Skating – Syed Akhyer Ali, Smarth Bajaj, Siddharth Chawla; Colours for Roller Hockey- Smarth Bajaj, Syed Akhyer Ali, Siddharth Chawla; Colours for Chess – Yashwant Rai; Colours for Gymnastics – Eshan Mohan Sharma, Ansh Sharma, Vansh Sharma; Colours for Music – Akshat Padiyar; Colours for Choreography – Ansh Sharma, Vansh Sharma; Colours for Art and Painting – Sarthak Sharma, Mano Viraj; Colours for Shooting- Aditya Vikram Singh, Ajiteesh Singh Dhillon, Puneet Singh Brar, Sujal Agarwal; Colours for Tennis – Siddharth Chawla; Colours for Dramatics – Eshan Mohan Sharma; Colours for Debate – Parth Jindal; Colours for Print Media – Moksh Jain, Manoviraj Chand; Colours for AV Team – Vansh Sharma; Colours for Movie Making – Ansh Sharma, Vansh Sharma.

A vibrantly colourful dance was presented by the students of the junior school.

The students of the outgoing batch of 2022 were presented with a memento as a token of remembrance by the Principal.

The Alumini Awards were also awarded: The Bill Norris Silver Medal for the Hockey Player of the Year – Syed Akhiyer Ali; and the Brother J.C. Carroll Silver Medal for the Football Player of the Year – Aaditah Jain. The two most prestigious awards, namely ‘The Brother Cummins Gold Medal for the Manorite of the Year’ was awarded to Aaditah Jain; and ‘The MC Wood Gold Medal for the Sportsman of the Year’ was awarded to Siddharth Chawla.

In his address, Brother Jerome Ellens congratulated the students of the outgoing batch on their achievements in academics and co-curricular activities.

Principal Brother Joseph M. Joseph congratulated the winners and wished them the very best in their future endeavours.

The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Eshan Mohan Sharma followed by the School Song and the National Anthem.