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St. Jude’s School 7 celebrates Children’s Day



DEHRADUN, 13 Nov: The St. Jude’s fraternity gathered together to mark Children’s Day. Children’s Day this year, came down to two words; care and gratitude. The morning was full, as were people’s hearts, with a blooming smile on each face. After being scattered by the gusts of circumstance, students gathered under one roof, with God’s grace and teacher’s blessings. As a token of love and performances and filled each heart with vibrance, vim and vigour. Each person in that hall drank the same elixir of life, just as rain drops from heaven. care, the second parents, namely the teachers, displayed amazing performances, leaving the students awestruck. The event began with a fun display of the everyday classroom, with teachers as students. The dance & arts teachers, amazed the students with their The event concluded with a fashion show by the teachers. As each teacher walked the ramp, it filled the students with glee and gratitude. The showstopper of the show, was our Vice Principal, Michelle Gardner, for never has the title felt more appropriate. In conclusion, the School Captains, thanked the teachers on behalf of the entire student body.