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St Patrick’s Day celebrated at SPA


DEHRADUN, 1 Mar: St Patrick’s Day was celebrated at St Patrick’s Academy here, today, prior to its assigned day due to the coming annual exams.
St Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17 March all over the world as a religious and cultural event. It began as a religious holiday to honour St Patrick, who brought Christianity to Ireland in the fifth century.
The school campus was a sea of emerald with the students and teachers attired in green, assembled in the suitably decorated school auditorium to watch a programme comprising hymns, a prayer dance, a celebration dance and a short play, portraying the life of St Patrick.
Brother Joseph, the School Principal, in his address beseeched the children to work with dedication, leaving aside their grievances over petty issues with their classmates and overlook the shortcomings in others. Prior to this, all the classes congratulated the Brother by presenting bouquets of flowers to him, thus expressing their pride in being a Patrician.
The programme ended with all who had worked hard to make the event a joyous one, coming together for a group photograph.