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State needs assured power supply, not freebies: Avdhash Kaushal


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 9 Jul: “Citizens do not want free electricity but need continuous 24 hours supply of electricity. Citizens will be too happy if it is supplied regularly i.e. 24 hours. We want not free electricity but electricity at cheaper and reasonable rates,” says Avdhash Kaushal, Chairperson, RLEK.
“If it is supplied regularly there will be no need of generators which every institution, organisation and households have and pollute the air. That would be the right step. To announce free electricity is nothing but a political slogan. Though the state is called “Urja Pradesh” but we are very short of electricity and every year from Himachal and other states electricity worth Rs 1,500 crore is obtained per year,” he emphasises.
North India is suffering an energy crisis at a time when Uttarakhand alone has the potential of generating 40,000 MW of power from its hydro projects. Presently, Uttarakhand is buying power from the open market worth more than Rs 1,500 crore per year which is also not sufficient as per demand. It is sad that the state could produce only 11, 381 MW, at present. The state, which had proper development of hilly regions as one of the main reasons for its creation, has to source power from other states to meet the power deficit.