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Stop Plundering the Planet

By Susheel Paul
Quantum mechanics is the branch of science relating to the very small; smaller than Nano (that is one billionth of a unit in metric system of measurement). The quantum theory defines that there is no perfect vacuum ever in the space. Void (nothingness) does not exist in the known universe. The vacuum that we know is only devoid of air but it does not exclude the electro-magnetic energy present in the form of quantum particles. That could be the reason that a wireless message can travel across space. Having established this fact, the scientists are researching the ways to harness such energy for our daily use and in space exploration. Scientists have also hypothesized that a centimetre cube of this quantum energy harvested from space can boil all the oceans of the Earth. Another very peculiar but not very easily proved fact is that certain human beings with meditational and ‘Dhyana’ yoga can ‘fast’ (Upvaas) for days-months-years and get into a state of divine like mind power through our brain (the most complete and complicated computer). They do not need physical food as they acquire the knowledge of converting this energy for their sustenance. We in Bharat have heard of such powers acquired by many of our sages (Rishi) in the past. Bodhisattva has been an example of a human attaining nirvana and becoming an avatar. Our saints and seers of today are far from such meditational achievements. Their most indulged vocation is politics.
Imagine, if we are able to harness and convert this inexhaustible ‘spatial energy’ into mechanical or electrical energy we shall be completely rid of any kind of fuel, like the fossil or bio or Hydel or solar energy or even nuclear energy for our daily needs. All this sounds like science fiction. But quantum physics is now a science being studied and researched by seekers of knowledge (Gyana). My purpose of giving this introduction is to make our thinkers, planners, researchers, entrepreneurs and intellectuals become aware that the creator has already provided us with inexhaustible quantity and forms of energy on the surface of our planet and space around it. The energy pervades the entire cosmos including our atmosphere. This energy is the cause of life and its sustenance on our planet, too. Let us open our minds, investigate, isolate and exploit such energies for our progress to be able to explore even beyond our galaxy where no man has gone before. It would be a good start to use the solar, the wind, the flowing water on land, the oceans, the air and renewable bio-fuel, etc., for our purpose. And completely give up gouging, tunneling and drilling into our planet for fossil fuels and for gases & minerals, etc.
Conversion of flowing water as Hydel energy is already in use, use of solar energy, wind energy, geo thermal energy, ocean waves energy, too, are being developed fast. We have also heard of some young engineers and scientists experimenting with use of atmospheric air and also water to be directly converted into mechanical energy for our automobiles. Our governments should encourage and invest in such startups. We have already done irreplaceable damage to our planet. Let us vow to stop it now and forever and grasp hold of so much free energy available on the surface and above it. This would save any further damage to our ecology and provide us with a pollution free atmosphere.
A similar consideration can be given to our ‘food’. Food that gets regenerated provided by our flora, milk from animals, items of food prepared from the extracts of organic sources. We may consider giving up killing other living beings for food unless by our genetic research we start growing such ‘autonomous’ animals/birds which grow back part of their anatomy after being divested of it. Examples are the Gecko (house lizard), spiders, bees and wasps, starfish, mollusks, certain crustaceans, etc. Our staple foods should be akin to the leaves, the fruits, the seeds, the roots, the barks and foods of various textures, flavours and nutrition value; processed from these renewable sources. The basic nutrients, minerals and organic essentials are available in independent forms on the surface of the planet. We may develop ways to combine these, process and synthesize so that our foods are available throughout the year irrespective of the seasons. Have our young entrepreneurs and geniuses got patience and guts to take on this challenge and add to the health of not only the human species but the Earth, itself? Remember that fiction of today could be a reality tomorrow.