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Suicidal Politics


Why is Congress ‘leader’ Rahul Gandhi complaining to the UK, US and the EU like a schoolboy snitching on his classmates to the Headmaster? What is the reason behind projecting himself as the most West compliant Indian politician? Is it the belief that these countries have the means to maneuver their choice of opposition leader to power in the place of present Prime Minister Narendra Modi? This would suggest that the West is playing a role in the ongoing attempts to manufacture opposition unity and would be in place to define what shape it would take.

India’s history, from the time when foreign invaders began to arrive, is replete with short-sighted and self-serving local rulers siding with them just to get even with their rivals. Names like Jai Chand and Mir Jaffar have become metaphors for this phenomenon. So, is Gandhi offering himself up as a Quisling to those he believes would grant to him what he considers his birthright?

Nothing else explains his actions. Surely he does not believe that India’s voters will accept the allegations he has levelled against India’s basic institutions? Is he not suggesting that the mandates they have delivered to the present ruling party are flawed and reflect poor judgement on their part? Have they not witnessed how Parliament functions and the ‘extraordinary’ freedom opposition party members enjoy to obstruct and derail proceedings? Does he want even more? Have they not heard his rants against PM Modi, which is all that he has had to offer as a parliamentarian? Already, his poor attendance record and dismal performance as the MP from Wayanad (just as bad as it was in Amethi) is being pointed out by experts.

The Congress is having a very difficult time justifying what he has done. Things are going to get worse as details emerge about the kind of persons who arranged his ‘talks’ in the UK. He will also have miffed the Indian Diaspora that strongly supports the foreign policy initiatives of Prime Minister Modi. And will the mainstream Indian voter place its stamp of approval on such behaviour during election time? Since the Congress is the main contender in the coming assembly election in Karnataka, party candidates are not going to be very pleased with the ammunition he has provided the BJP, as also will those in Madhya Pradesh a bit later. The only explanation for his suicidal politics is the realisation that another tenure for PM Modi would spell finis for any hopes of his claiming what he believes is his family inheritance. His desperation is there for all to see.