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Swarnima Gusain holds work-dem on Hindustani Vocals



DEHRADUN, 7 Nov: Classical vocalist Swarnima Gusain conducted a workshop demonstration on Hindustani vocals here today. The workshop was held at a government school in Dehradun. During the workshop, she left the audience mesmerised with her soulful renditions and gave an insight into different aspects of Hindustani vocals. Belonging to the Jaipur-Atrauli gharana, Swarnima gave a presentation of classical ragas during the workshop. She also taught the students about semi- classical genres including Thumri, Chaiti, Dadra, Kajri, Ghazal, Bhajan and Abhang among others. Swarnima embarked on the journey of classical music at the tender age of nine initiated by Pandit Vasudev Deshpandey. She was further groomed by Vidushi Shubha Mudgal. A recipient of the National Scholarship, Swarnima has bagged several awards, which include the Talent Hunt ‘99 Award and the Maharishi Award conducted by the All India Maharishi Gandharva Ved Vishwa Vidyapeeth. The workshop was a combination of pure classical and semi-classical performances.