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Switch jobs or await promotion?


By Ravi Garg

On the path of their success, many employees are confused whether they should undertake a job switch or accept the promotion offered by their present company. Here are some points which an employee should keep in his/her mind to take the decision-


  1. There is a reason you are looking for change

If you have started looking for a new job, it may be possible that you are not satisfied with your current role or job. It may be possible due to lack of satisfaction, lack of appreciation from your team lead, lack of respect, etc. Ask yourself WHY you were looking for a job change. You can lie to others, but can’t to yourself. Follow your heart.


  1. Individual Goals

If you think that your goal is to gain diversification and experience in different industries, a job switch can be a better option. However, if you want to become a corporate leader in you present company, itself, then promotion will be a better option.


3 Growth opportunities

You should evaluate the growth opportunities offered by both the companies. It may be possible that the current company is just giving you a lollipop to retain you and will not give you much growth opportunities in future. Evaluate the opportunities available at hand and try to connect with the employees of the new company to become familiar with the work environment there.


  • CTC

Money plays a major role while looking for a promotion or a job change. BUT one should not look at this from the money perspective only. Job satisfaction is something that can keep you motivated, happy and energised all the time. If you are getting a higher package with a low feeling all the time it makes no sense.

The decision should be based on the employee’s career growth and personal values. An employee spends most of the day in a company far away from family and friends. One should choose the one that is good for one’s heart and career goals.

(Ravi Garg is an associate Chartered Accountant, who has completed his CA at just the age of 21 years).