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Symposium held on Ground Water Rules


By Radhika Nagrat

Haridwar, 5 May: An interactive symposium on “Ground Water- Its Rules, Regulations and Compliances” was held at a local hotel at which representatives from State and Central Governments, Academia and Industries participated.

The Director of the organising company, Enviroconnect, Akshat Bhateja said, “The main purpose of the event is to educate and promote effective ground water practices amongst the participants and public in general. Water and its conservation being a subject of national importance therefore it’s the responsibility of every citizen to save water.

Rules related to ground water, guidelines and regulations were discussed at the event. Emphasis was placed on adopting rain water harvesting systems within buildings and promoting best water practices in the industries.

It was also mentioned that water availability in the country is around 1400 cubic meters Per capita Per Year and as per United Nations (UN), if in any country water availability is less than 1700 cubic meters Per capita Per Year, that country is tagged as “Water Stressed Nation”. If it is less than 1000 cubic meters Per capita Per Year, it is tagged as “Water Scare Nation”. India is already a “Water Stressed” country as per UN and with the similar pace of population increase and rapid development, it is expected that, by 2040, water availability in India may plunge below 1000 cubic meters per capita per year, which would be a grave situation, both, in terms of water scarcity and economic development.

India ranks lowest (122 out of 122 nations) in terms of water quality index. With increasing population, it is moving towards a water scare situation which, if not taken care of now, would be irreversible.

Rain Water Harvesting is one of the solutions to preparing for and reversing the water scarcity, it was emphasised.