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Tarun Vijay meets Union Defence Minister



NEW DELHI, 6 Mar: Senior BJP leader and Kashmir watcher for decades (who initiated the Sindhu Festival, Ladakh) Tarun Vijay met Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. It was a courtesy call, he said. He also presented the minister a portrait of the great Naval Emperor Rajendra Chola, who had defeated enemies with full force till East Asia. Tarun Vijay is a former MP and Chairman, Uttarakhand War Memorial ‘Shaurya Sthal’. He said he had full confidence that the defence forces would annihilate the enemies of the country with the same zeal and decisiveness as Rajendra Chola. Tarun Vijay has been trying to have the Uttarakhand War Memorial inaugurated at the soonest. It was initiated with bhumi pujan by the late Manohar Parrikar in Dehradun. Tarun Vijay is the first MP in India to have donated Rs 2.5 crores from his MPLAD funds for Uttarakhand’s first war memorial. He met the Defence Minister at his office in South Block, New Delhi.