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Teacher’s Day Celebrations at St. Jude’s School

DEHRADUN, 4 Sep: Teacher’s ’ Day is occasion to recognise and celebrate the incredible contribution teachers have made in the past years, especially during the pandemic.
Whether you are a current student, or have been out of school, we all have our favourite teachers who have made deep impact on our lives.
This Teacher’s Day celebrations began with a speech by Ridhima and Anushka. Anya dedicated a beautiful poem to her teachers. Next, Surabhi Gurung enchanted with her melodious song. Shraddha Chakraborty with her Classical Song mesmerized all and the Classical dance by Anushka and Ridhima was very graceful. The Prefects had planned a game for their Teachers which kept everyone entertained. At the end of the function gifts were given as tokens of love from the students for always being the strongest pillars of support for them.
The teachers were extremely impressed by the confidence displayed by the students.
Their singing, dancing and compering was flawless and kept them entertained. They thanked their Principal and Prefects for the thoughtful gifts and Tea.