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Teachers’ Orientation Programme concludes at Pestle Weed School



Dehradun, 4 Apr: The two-day Teachers’ Orientation Programme culminated at The Pestle Weed School here, today, at which resource persons Prof (Dr) Harish Chaudhary, IIT Delhi, Dr JC Pant, former Founder Principal, DPS Bulandsahar, Maj Gen Shammi Sabharwal (Retd), and Dr Prem Kashyap shared their experience with the teachers.

The morning session by Prof Harish Chaudhary gave participants first-hand insight into how teachers can understand students’ mental illness and how they can support them better, how teachers can develop different strategies to help the students deal with their anxiety, how to create an encouraging environment and how teachers communicate effectively with parents.

The teachers applauded the information and the techniques shared by Prof Harish Chaudhary to tackle these problems in the classroom scenario.

Dr JC Pant elaborated on perfect articulation to extract academic and non-academic results from the beginning of the session. He very firmly emphasised on regular and stress-free assessment of the child keeping the positivity in approach at the helm. He also emphasised on the motivational techniques to be explored by the teachers. He also talked about the inculcation of values among the students through self-practice.

Maj Gen Shammi Sabharwal described cultivation of a positive attitude among students through family, friends and colleagues. He appealed to the audience to change the perspective as it has a powerful influence on one’s life and happiness. He emphasised that the people with positive mental attitude have an infectious way about them and compel others to gravitate in their direction. They are optimistic, uplifting and don’t give in to hopelessness even in the worst of times as whatever the mind conceives and can believe, it can achieve. General Shammi Sabharwal gave five characteristics of positive mindset – Resilience, Courage, Optimism, Gratitude & Acceptance.

Dr Prem Kashyap, Chairman, The Pestle Weed School, shared his examples of courage and resilience and how he came out victorious against all odds through self-determination, hard work, commitment and a never-say-die-attitude. He added that no mountain is big enough that cannot be conquered with faith, confidence, practical planning. Failure is the stepping stone to success, the person who never failed is the person who never tried.