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The Citizenship Muddle



What mayhem created by some sheep like citizens of our country, blindly following instigators, who have participated unashamedly in destruction and upsetting the routine bound systems of the nation of which they claim to be a part! It is like one ‘sheikhchilli’ who quarrels with someone and hits his own head with his stick saying if you call me names then I am going to hit myself harder. The episode also reveals how gullible this particular section of our society is. Of course, those who lost the argument against the citizenship bill in the temple of our democracy, which has now become an act, are now vengefully stoking the fire by throwing inflammables by calling the legitimately accepted act ‘anti-national & anti- democratic’. Yes it would need amending our nation’s constitution but so what? Hasn’t the constitution been amended so many times already to suit the times and progress that we have made during these 70 years? This would only be an addendum. We have been generous enough to accommodate influx of refugees from our neighbouring nations who desired to come here to have better living conditions than in their own impoverished nations or to escape oppression. Our netas in the past, having no concern for the strain on nation’s resources, helped these refugees to obtain citizenship to add to their vote bank. With the bringing in of this Citizenship Amendment Act our present leadership has woken up to make amends and make our citizenship more accountable. They have now tried to make our citizens’ right more defined by weeding out the excess burden of uncontrolled influx through our porous borders and lax laws. Yet, keeping a humanitarian spirit, the special accommodation to the alien citizens of some specific faiths has been defined essentially for their being persecuted in the neighbouring nations, namely Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. These three are the most interfering neighbours. If the Muslims of these nations feel insecure and are persecuted in their countries for their faith then let them seek refuge or asylum in other more affluent and prosperous Islamic nations, why Bharat? Consider the natural facts. The creator first provided a region of this world and then placed a certain race there. Then this human race evolved their faiths to learn about the creator and show their gratitude to Him. Therefore the first and foremost way of showing one’s gratitude is to honour and live the ways of the region. Human made religion comes only secondary and with the proviso that the religion has to adapt to the ways of the region not otherwise. Indian Muslims who chose to remain and be a part of this our progressive nation rather than shift their loyalties to the newly carved nation governed by a religion alien to their nation, too, should never feel insecure. The majority of this largest minority of our social fabric have contributed significantly with their dexterity and many talents not because of their faith, but their innate qualities. They contributed significantly to the country’s revenue and its culture. Unfortunately, the strength of those who are genuinely Bharatiye despite their faith are very insignificant and fail to influence the hold that their clergy has on the masses. The clergy is the one that keeps instigating the masses who mostly belong to the lower echelons of our society and are being kept at that level by this clergy in order to keep a hold on them. Nations in Europe and elsewhere in the world including China are now realising the need to close their doors to such migrants in the name of humanitarianism. The influx of such people is not at all good for the security of their nations as they may bring along the ‘terrorism disease’. We human beings indulge in violence only when we lust for power. The clergy of every faith in the world has tried this method and learnt that after sacrificing the gullible followers, such a method invariably leads to self destruction. The influx of such brainwashed zealots into our land, Bharat, has serious military implications, too. Our Achilles heel is our cultural bane of caste, region and language divides. It is this weakness that is being exploited by the foreign influences and our own selfish politicians through the means of faith, financial allurements and vote banks for gaining power. Considering all this, the present government’s patriotic effort to assure true citizenship by proper documentation is very justified and appreciable. It is surprising to see that many an intellectuals of our land are trying to oppose this wise, far sighted and legitimately constituted law. Having a world recognised award for their achievements does not make them the wisest. They ought to humbly submit to native intelligence and ground realities and not mock the peoples’ democratic choice of placing the present leadership in power. Social laws dictated by faith should not be given precedence over such laws defined for all citizens by our constitution. I feel time has come to deal with this nuisance with a heavy hand. Proponents of human rights and the world opinion must no more dictate to us.