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The Hidden Harm: Spreading Rumors about Women in the Workplace


By Dr Rashi Mishra

The practice of spreading rumors about women remains distressingly common in the workplace. This behaviour, often dismissed as harmless gossip, can have far-reaching consequences for individuals and the organisational culture as a whole.

In any workplace, informal communication channels such as coffee breaks, lunch conversations, and after-work gatherings provide fertile ground for gossip. Women, in particular, often find themselves the targets of such rumors. Whether it’s speculation about their personal lives or professional capabilities, these unfounded narratives can quickly gain traction. The ease with which rumors are spread is compounded by social stereotypes and biases that unfairly scrutinise and judge women’s behaviour more harshly than men’s. While spreading rumors might seem inconsequential to those perpetuating them, the repercussions can be severe. Women who are targets of workplace rumors often face numerous negative outcomes affecting both personal well-being and professional performance. A workplace rife with rumors fosters a toxic culture, eroding trust and collaboration among team members.

When rumors influence perceptions, women may be unfairly evaluated based on hearsay rather than their actual performance and qualifications. Unfortunately, regardless of how mediocre or unworthy a man is, he often ascends the ladder of position and power. In contrast, a woman must navigate through hoops of perception, opinion and judgment, proving exceptional qualities before she can claim a place in the higher echelons. Ironically, it is these same men who later threaten women. The bigger question remains: Does holding a position grant someone the right to manipulate and threat? This stems from the male ego’s refusal to acknowledge that a woman might possess greater wisdom. While spreading rumors about women in the workplace may be the easiest thing one can do, it sadly continues!