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The Kerala Story – Reality of terrorism based on true stories: Ritu Khanduri 


By Our Staff Reporter
KOTDWAR, 13 May: Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly Speaker Ritu Khanduri Bhushan watched the movie “The Kerala Story” with her supporters and workers at Pride Mall, Tadial Chowk, Kotdwar.

Khanduri said that this film shows how terrorism is being spread in the country without bullets and bombs!  How the girls are being brainwashed and converted to another religion. This film is creating awareness among people against religious conversion and terrorism.

She said that this is not a film but a reality of terrorism based on true stories. It exposes the conspiracy of love jihad, conversion and terrorism, brings out its hideous face and the daughters who get entangled in the trap of love jihad in momentary sentimentality end up ruining their lives.

The patronage of some anti-national political parties is also giving strength to such conspirators. This film makes us aware as to how we have to fight with all these and be alert.

During this, BJP District President Virendra Rawat, Divisional President Pankaj Bhatia, Divisional President Hari Singh Pundir, Divisional President Manoj Panthari, Mahila Morcha Divisional President Neeru Bala Khantwal, Rameshwari Devi, Neena Bainjwal, Kamal Negi, Surendra Arya, etc., were present.