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The Seven Unanimous Principles of Nationalism


By Acharya Balkrishna

Death due to poverty 

The poor or the people belonging to the lower income group are unable to rise from the below poverty line because of widespread corruption in the field of education and health. Apart from that, there is corruption every where in medical field in the name of treatment of duplicate medicines, unnecessary operations and persecution in the name of treatment, due to which poor or helpless people get exploited, crushed, writhes in agony, groans. Depressed, stressed, and disquiet, which results in prematured death.
Exploitation in the name of Governance
It is only due to corruption that through bribery, blackmail, adultration, ransom-racket, the hawala racket, industries, police force and the administration that there is injustice, exploitation and oppression of the people with the misuse of law in the name of governance and administration this country.
Pollution and contamination
Political and economic corruption bring dirty environment in the country. Lack of strong willpower and insentivity of the ruling party create such a filthy environment. If the leaders and administration devise proper management of waste materials and deal stringently with those elements which spread filth in the the society, then this problem can be eradicated swiftly; unfortuanately, even pollution and cleanliness are politicised in this country. Sanitory workers hired by the government are employed in cleaning the homes of high ranking officers due to the corrupt practices prevalent in the government system. A country stands defamed as a polluted country in the eyes of the world, due to its wide spread filth. We are forced to hear such comments from visiting foreigners. The ancient Ri saskti (the indigenous vedic way of life enumerated by our sages), the lofty sacred rituals and integrity and courage of our ancestors are famous all over the world, but the ignomy of being labelled a polluted country is very shameful and a disgrace. So, we have to be very alert and awake to rebuild our nation free from corruption and re-establish the honour and dignity of our country known for its saskti (Culture). To achieve this goal, there is a dire and an urgent need to introduce education, awareness and a strong system of severe punishment, that itself should be corruption free. Patajali yogap¤tha was established to fulfill this particular vision among other missions.
National insecurity
Unable to follow the constitution of a country, overpopulation, unemployment, escapism, lack of patriotism in the youth etc., are the reasons for the increasing sense of insecurity spreading in the country; but politics ridden with corruption is the root cause. It is only because of the so called politicians who indulge in dirty and the disgustingly cheap politics of vote bank, that divide the country, and pitches one against the other. This is the sole reason why population blows out of control and the government is helpless in curbing the menace. Lack of education and the utter indifference of the government too are significant reasons for overpopulation.
Uncontrolled inflation
The direct and indirect cause of inflation is the widespread corruption in the country. The inability to fix the right price of commodities, wrong market-strategy, unscientific tax-system, lack of transperancy in trade and industry, adultration, bribery and spiritual degeneration are the main reasons for inflation. The prices of daily use of the common people have sky-rocketed. The farmers do not receive the full cost for their toil. The gap between rich and poor is widening and it has become the cause of social disparaties and injustice.
When injustice, sin, unrighteousness, corruption, insecurity touches its peak, then a revolution takes place. Then the horrendous form of sin and misdeeds sounds its own death-knell. Eventually, the revolution emerges as a roaring success. The struggle to exterminate corruption and sin is the sign of victory.
3. Degeneration of Character
All schools of thought, religions, sects and eminent personalities, across the globe, have laid great emphasis on building a strong, noble, and glorious character. The importance of a noble character is evident through the well known sayings such as – ‘If character is lost, everything is lost.’ Our scriptures and Sanskit texts abound with innumerous verses are dedicated to character and character-building. A man of strong character is the most reliable. His character shines through every action he performs. He is the saving grace of the entire mankind for his supreme human values and the willingness to sacrifice everything for the upliftment of humanity. Building such an exemplary character is as difficult as walking on the sharp edge of a sword and there are challenges aplenty that test it.
Any deviation from the above mentioned characteristics can be termed as a definite decline in character. However, thinking something, speaking somethings else and doing a totally different thing is the worst form of degradation in character. Many leaders entice people with assurances before elections and plaintly forget their promises after winning the elections. They ignore the fact that it is better to deny than giving false hopes.
4. Insensitiveness
Disrespect towards women is increasing due to insensitivity in the country. People forget that insult even to a single woman is an insult to the entire maternal power. External beauty is not the real beauty of women, rather dignity is. St, Svitr, Kaualy, Jagadamb, Durg, Grg, Madalsa, Mahalakm, Mra and Bhku are representatives of great women. A woman is a symbol of mother’s love, a wife’s purity, affection of a daughter. Never consider a woman as a commodity to be sold or purchased in the market. Never laugh at the picture of a woman, it is an affront to a mother. The way millions of mothers, sisters, daughters. daughters-in-law are shown disrespect through their depiction in the movies, magazines, mass media must be strongly condemned. These mentally corrupt and cruel persons have to be told that a woman is not a characterless being. She is the ultimate icon of purity. Every awakened person must reflect on this ideal that the honour of millions of mothers, sisters, daughters, daughters-in-law is my honour and their disrespect is my disrespect. My religion is to give respect to women, because they are our mothers, sisters and daughters.
‘Yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra devt,’ meaning: ‘Gods dwell there, where the women are venerated’. There cannot be one single day dedicated to respect mothers and sisters, but it should be done every moment of our life. 24-12-2016
It is indeed a matter of disgrace that women, who, as mothers, give birth to us, are humiliated and sneered and ridiculed today. Girls, sisters, daughters and daughters-in-law-all are women and therefore the very epitome of mothers. The intense lust for hedonistic pleasures has debased and reduced women to merely an object of pleasure and indulgence, advertisement and commodity; which is the most reprehensible. To advertise and sell the honour of a woman tantamounts to the terrible and unpardonable humiliation of one’s own mother.

(Extracted from the book: “Divine Transformation: Building Blocks for Enlightened Life, Ideal Nation and Peaceful World”. Author: Acharya Balkrishna).