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There is no greater dharma than serving one’s country!


In an exclusive conversation with Garhwal Post, India’s foremost hitman, Lucky Bisht, who served the country unconditionally, also reveals how he was wrongfully arrested, jailed for 5 years and shifted around in 11 prisons before he was rescued by the NDA Government.

By Anjali Nauriyal 

A Hitman in the Service of the Nation! How does it feel?

This Hitman feels that there is no greater dharma than serving one’s country.

Tell us about your early life, education and Uttarakhand connection?

I was born in Bungali Gaon in Pithoragarh. My grandfather was a war veteran who had fought the 1971 War and attained martyrdom. My father, too, has served in the Indian Army. I was educated at Jaipur and I joined the Secret Service at the age of just 17 years. I was sent to Israel for training for two and a half years.

Did you ever think you would reach the heights in your career that you did?

I only endeavoured to do the job in hand to the best of my abilities. I totally concentrated on my tasks and never bothered what results would follow. But, today, I have the realisation that if an individual works with a true heart, then positive results will surely accrue.

What are the positives that you gained as a young RAW trainee? What are your special memories of those days?

During training, youngsters like me are chiseled from being just ordinary to exceptional and disciplined men. We are taught how to inspire and motivate our team members to accomplish any task assigned anywhere in the world for the sake of one’s country. We are taught how we can vanquish our enemies by undertaking the most dangerous of operations. And, above all, we are taught how to emerge victorious in the most difficult of circumstances after having raised the morale of our team and motivated them to be ready to make the supreme sacrifice if the situation demands. Training teaches us that there is no greater entity than the National Flag, the Tricolour.

I completed my training in 2006 and my paramount learning from this was that there is no task on this Earth that I cannot accomplish. My training revealed to me my true potential. During our training, we shared each other’s pain and agony however intense it may have been. Conversely, we also shared happy moments together. We learnt teamwork and camaraderie. I have memories of some fantastic moments shared with them. I earned a friend for life, Nicholas Irving, who is today USA’s best selling author. His life story is now being made into a film. I am sure it will turn out to be the best American Sniper movie ever made.

How many encounters can be attributed to you in your career?

I do not know. I have never kept count. But CIA or M15 reports state that I have achieved as many as 139 enemy killings, which are listed in the Wikipedia World Sniper List.

What goes through your mind at the moment of any encounter?

Whenever I have killed an enemy, I have looked directly into his eyes for a few seconds and there is only one thought in my mind – whether I am doing the right thing or not. I ask myself this question each and every time.

Was it easy for you to take on a brutal or bloody identity? Did it in any way impact your normal life?

Yes, my normal day-to-day life was greatly impacted by my mission. Those who knew what I was doing feared coming anywhere close to me. I, too, am a normal human. This fear and rejection has made me feel very lonely. When I was on the job as a Secret Agent, no one knew my real name and identity. People knew me either as an army man or a call centre executive. When I was declared a terrorist, my personal life, love life was destroyed forever. I was labeled a criminal, gangster, etc. The CIA along with the UPA Government revealed my real identity through the media before the entire world, thus killing my reputation and career abruptly. The girl who loved me dearly began detesting me. What my parents have suffered and what times they faced can never be erased from my memory. But I have taken a pledge that, as long as I live, I will only make my mother and my country proud.

Which has been your most dangerous encounter? You may tell us without revealing the actual details.

There was a gruesome incident when a terrorist had inserted over 18 nuts and bolts into the body of my friend in Congo, even as he was alive. I think he suffered the most gruesome death ever in this world. When I zeroed in on that terrorist, I too gave him a gut-churning death and made him realise what a slow macabre death is for over 28 hours.

Please share some daring anecdotes related to your career?

I have lived outside India in many countries, taking on different names and identities. I have lived with enemies dangerously in situations where if they had discovered my identity then they would have given me a far terrible fate than death itself. A spy is the greatest enemy for any country.

Tell us why you were arrested and jailed, and later released when the NDA Government came to power?

On 5 September, 2011, the Delhi Congress Government got me arrested on charges of committing a double murder. I was put behind bars for 5 years. I was kept in 11 different jails. Without a court decision, I was declared a terrorist by the UPA Government. Had the NDA Government not come to power in 2014 and rescued me, I would have been hanged by now.

What are some of life’s lessons that you may like to share with our readers?

My life has undergone many ups and downs. I agree that this happens in everyone’s life. Only the percentage varies. The greatest lesson of my life is that, if we can make our worse times our strength, then we emerge winners in life!

Simon & Schuster to publish biography of former NSG Commando & Spy Lucky Bisht

Lucky Bisht, who received the prestigious India’s Best NSG Commando award in 2009, has an exceptional story that will captivate readers from all walks of life. From his time as the Security Officer of then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, to his selection as the Best Commando of the National Security Guard, Bisht’s journey was nothing short of remarkable. Simon & Schuster, one of the world’s leading publishing houses, is set to release a gripping biography, titled “R.A.W. Hitman: The Real Story of Agent Lima” on 4 July. The book delves into the extraordinary life and career of Bisht. In 2022, Lucky Bisht sat down for an exclusive interview with India’s renowned crime writer and author, Hussain Zaidi. The conversation explored Bisht’s life, career and exploits across the globe as an agent for RAW (Research and Analysis Wing). Lucky Bisht’s role in the security detail during United States President Barack Obama’s visit to India in 2010 showcased his dedication and expertise in the field. His work spans various government security agencies such as the Indian Army, Research and Analysis Wing, Special Forces, Assam Rifles, and leadership roles in missions conducted in different countries. When asked about his biography, Lucky Bisht expressed his gratitude to Simon & Schuster and Hussain Zaidi for giving him the opportunity to share his life story with readers worldwide. He stated, “I am humbled and honoured to have my story documented in such a way. My hope is that ‘R.A.W. Hitman’ inspires and motivates readers to overcome challenges, pursue their dreams, and serve their country with unwavering determination.” “R.A.W. Hitman: The Real Story of Agent Lima” has been written by S Hussain Zaidi. With this biography, Zaidi meticulously unveils the riveting life of Bisht, offering readers a unique and gripping narrative that promises to leave them in awe. It is a testament to the indomitable spirit of Lucky Bisht and the sacrifices he made throughout his illustrious career. The book promises to be an enthralling read, shedding light on the hidden world of intelligence and the unsung heroes who safeguard our nations. Lucky Bisht’s story stands out not only for his exceptional achievements but also for being the second biography to be published by Simon & Schuster after that of Sachin Tendulkar. The publishing house recognises the significance of sharing Bisht’s journey with the world, a tale that exemplifies bravery, resilience and dedication.