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This is India’s era: Gov


UPES Pays Soulful Musical Tribute to India Leading the World


DEHRADUN, 16 Jun: As India ushers into a new era and emerges as a beacon of hope for the world, UPES Dehradun launched a soulful music video to celebrate the spirit of the nation. The video, which is an artistic and musical expression of ‘India Leads the World’, was launched in the presence of the Governor of Uttarakhand, Lieutenant General Gurmit Singh (Retd).

The video has been completely performed by the students and faculty of UPES. Even senior leaders such as the Chairman, the Vice Chancellor and the Deans can be seen joining them in the video. They were also joined by staff members including security guards, gardeners, office boys, housekeeping ladies and more. This collective representation reflects a truly refreshing approach to education, embodying inclusivity, respect and passion, all of which are the core values of UPES.

The music video pays a proud tribute to a new India, which is leading the change that the world is witnessing. It celebrates India not just as the youngest country in the world, the largest democracy on this planet, the next economic, political and social superpower but above all, the largest human-centered nation that has become a global inspiration. Created in association with Silvercord Films, the music video cherishes the work of great Indian musical maestros whose original rendition ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’ struck a chord with every Indian.

Opening with a powerful address by Sharad Mehra, Chairman, Hydrocarbons Education Research Society (HERS), the video puts spotlight on various art forms, from the graceful art of Bharatnatyam, and dynamic contemporary dance performances, to the powerful lyrics that perfectly stitch together this modern yet rooted rendition.

Complimenting this collective effort, Lieutenant General Singh, said, “This soulstirring musical composition has deeply moved our hearts and instilled a sense of national pride in all of us. This tribute stands as a powerful reminder that this is India’s era, and nothing can stop us from becoming a global superpower. Let us, therefore, take this opportunity to pledge our commitment to preserving our values and continue to actively contribute towards building an Atmanirbhar Bharat.”

This ode to India illustrates the sentiment that there is no stopping the change and progress this nation is bringing. Whether it is the support in delivering vaccines to the world during the pandemic, to being a driver of peace during global conflicts, India is ahead and this marks the mere beginning of a glorious future.

“Today, India is a force to be reckoned with. We are known as much for technology as for ancient philosophy and lifechanging education that values humanity and knowledge, equally. With pride and patriotic enthusiasm, our students and staff have come together to salute the incredible new India through this soulful performance. We’re thrilled to share this celebration of national pride, with our fellow Indians,” added Dr Ram K Sharma, Vice Chancellor, UPES.

The music in this video has been composed by Nishant Ramteke, a young talented music maestro from Maharashtra. “When UPES approached me for this interesting collaboration, the intention, and the attempt of a homegrown piece of art inspired me to take this up. With a beautiful mix of old and new streams, we have been able to push boundaries and create something which is democratic and diverse in its nature and form”, shares Yashasvi Juyal, Film Director and Screenwriter at Silvercord Films.

UPES VC Dr Sunil Rai, Philanthropist Dr S Farooq, Environmentalist Dr Anil Joshi, Mayor Sunil Uniyal, renowned actress Himani Shivpuri, DG, UCOST Prof Durgesh Pant, renowned music director Lalit Pandit and his wife Meena, actor Viveck Vaswani were present amongst others.