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Day 6 of Lockdown – Time to refresh, reboot & re-evaluate


This time will be remembered-3


Time is the most precious resource. Its abundance due to the lockdown should be relished. The golden time in hand is infusing spiritual thoughts. The air feels rejuvenated, it’s breathing with vitality. The lockdown has provided rest to the causes that corrupted it. Maybe the ample ‘me’ time is reinvigorating my mind. The materialist thoughts are giving way to simple ideas of
living. This is the best time of life to retrospect and introspect on both, if we consider it so. In the previous series, during the initial days of lockdown, I covered aspects like adversity, hardship, helplessness, uncertainty, fear, worry and social distancing. All of these have brought me to this piece – bringing out my share of more evolved thoughts, majorly through observation and assimilation. The spiritual being resides in all of us in dormant state and gets activated during trying times.

On day 6, when I sat silently in my garden, all by myself,
wondering about the present scenario and contemplating how it has affected us, how the future is
going to unfold, what we have learnt from this life changing event, where the lapses betrayed us, in what areas our unpreparedness stands strong, a few important points came alive:

1. Don’t ever save anything for a special occasion, because being alive in itself is the special occasion.
2. Start appreciating little things, the ones that matter the most. Giving importance to money and possessions only seems to bring anxiety. After all, money can buy luxuries but not happiness. It can buy medicines but not ensure good health. It can buy a fine bed but not sound sleep.
3. This time reminds us that we all are strung on one thread. The problems that affect one will have an effect on others. It’s a chain reaction. We are not isolated.
4. This pandemic reiterates that health is the real wealth and not the pieces of gold and silver. Invest in good health. Health should remain the most prized possession. Work on building immunity. It’s not strengthened overnight. It’s a consistent and persistent process. Try to maintain a reservoir of good health so that any epidemic, seasonal virus or pandemic doesn’t turn fatal.
5. We have learnt that in time of crisis, the most important thing is food, water and medicines. Be organised. Do not waste food, conserve water, donate medicines that are not in use before they pass their expiry date.
6. Eat healthy, so that the body is strong enough to face an attack by viruses and bacteria. Reduce time spent on earning money and divert it into exercising and in
creating a healthy lifestyle. This is possible if we cook simple healthy food at home with all colourful ingredients, all kind of grains, all kinds of herbs and spices. Try to slice some time to cook food at home with your own hands at leasta few times a week. Howsoever busy one may be, it is possible. If not now, then when! This pandemic is a huge lesson to teach
us to amend our ways.
7. This time will make us realise that leaving behind a good legacy is important. It is our moral duty to hand over a healthy, flourishing planet to our successors.
A jubilant, healthy earth should become the heirloom. The jolt received through this mass closure and the magnitude of latest calamities occurring recently across the globe like bush fires in Australia, the Kerala floods, and many more, are living examples to teach us to mend our plans, strategy, infrastructure development, health sector, reforms in agriculture, education and country’s strength building.
8. Humans can never overgrow divine force. Certain
things are beyond our control. This virus doesn’t discriminate between caste, creed and nation. It’s
indiscriminate between rich or poor, weak or powerful, commoner or famous. We have learnt that howsoever big and advanced we may have turned and overpowered
nature but nature has its own way to teach and cleanse the system. Never underestimate its humongous power. We are very small against its nonselective choices. It can choose anyone, anytime, anywhere to bring them
to their knees.
9. During this time, we have learnt to cherish freedom. We have learnt the importance of saving food. We realise the importance of family, relationships. We will give importance to our loved ones now onwards. The role of family and friends has become clearer. Spiritual teachings will make more sense. We will discover the
real purpose of life. How miniscule this human is against divine force? The thankless job of home maker will be appreciated. Unnecessary things in the home will be thrown away giving way to a minimalist lifestyle. Earning more wealth will no longer be a priority. Unnecessary travel will be given a second thought. Eating out will be minimised.

In short, we should see it as a fortunate time to reshape ourselves. Surely, we are on the road to a clutter free, clean and simple life. We have learnt to find amusement at home, enjoy more in little and be busy in leisure. What a beautiful time to reboot! Just think of it this way!