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Those who imposed Emergency are giving calls to save democracy: Pushkar Singh Dhami


IANS Interview

New Delhi, April 24 (IANS): Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Wednesday lashed out at Rahul Gandhi as well as the Congress party over their claims of ‘democracy in danger’ and said that they must remember how their ‘own people’ harmed the democratic set-up in the 1970s.

In an exclusive conversation with IANS, Dhami said that the Congress crown prince makes absurd claims about the ‘constitution under threat’ and calls for safeguarding it but forgets how his own party and grandmother murdered the democracy.

“Indira Gandhi government imposed the Emergency, snatched the basic and fundamental rights of citizens but Cong’s Yuvraj will remember nothing about the death of democracy,” Dhami told IANS.

Sharing his views on the Congress manifesto and its thrust on anti-defection law, Dhami said that the grand old party should do deep introspection rather than blaming the BJP, for a series of defections.

He said that Congress accuses us of toppling governments but its own history is replete with multiple instances of dislodging state governments.

“Today, there is a rule of law in every sphere of governance. But, the Opposition parties have one common agenda — to spread canard and lies to defame the government,” he said.

The Uttarakhand CM said that the Opposition parties have ganged up for a certain motive i.e. to save themselves from the clutches of law.

“BJP’s ‘Bhrashtrachar hataao’ vs Opposition’s ‘Bharastachari bachaao’ pitch speaks much about their priorities. And, the people of the nation are able to clearly see through this ploy,” he said.

Dhami further said that the Opposition parties have aligned with anti-national forces and are now resorting to spreading fake narratives on social media but this won’t do them any good as they neither have any standing on the ground nor have connect with the masses.

“Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister again, for record third term,” he asserted.

Dhami further told IANS that the Cong-led INDIA bloc was no match for the BJP in the ongoing 2024 elections.

Describing the INDIA bloc as a ‘coalition of the opportunists’, Dhami said that they are fighting for their political survival, to save the corrupt ones from getting exposed and also to save the families of ‘bhrashtachari netas’.

He also said that the INDIA bloc won’t stand in front of PM Modi as he has the blessings of 140 crore people.