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Tiger Shroff issues passionate appeal against abandonment of pet animals



DEHRADUN, 8 Apr: Even though the disease might not afflict them, but misinformation and apathy is affecting companion animals and livestock during the current Covid Crisis. In response to misinformation circulating about cats and dogs being vectors of COVID 19 and the consequent rise of reported incidents of cats and dogs being attacked as well as cases of pet-abandonment, several well-known influencers have come together to dispel such falsehoods. In recorded messages, prominent individuals such as Tiger Shroff have issued statements for the public by emphasising that COVID 19 can only spread through human to human transmission and that companion animals have no role in the disease’s transmission. Tiger issued a passionate appeal asking people to spend time with their pets and that dogs and cats cannot transmit the virus to any human. His view is supported by the national and international medical and veterinary agencies.

Tiger’s video was released by the Premier English daily of Uttarakhand, GARHWAL POST on 8th April late evening on social platforms by it’s editor, publisher and actor himself, Satish Sharma.

“We never fail to raise issues related to animals prominently in our newspaper”, said Sharma.

Other eminent persons who have taken the lead in reaching out to the public with their messages that pets/companion animals cannot spread COVID 19, include Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha & Animal Rights Activist, Dr. Mukesh Batra, Founder & Chief Managing Director, Batra’s Positive Health Clinic Private Limited, Shri Anubhav Mohanty, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha & Actor and Sangram Singh, Wrestler & Philanthropist. Sonakshi Sinha, Actress, also made an appeal on twitter to stay away from misinformation and to care for animals during this crisis.

Major medical, veterinary and scientific agencies, including: The World Organization For Animal Health (OIE), World VeterinaryAssociation (WVA),World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Scientific Committee, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), Indian Veterinary Association (IVA) & the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) have concurred that there is no evidence that pets/ companion animals (especially dogs and cats) & livestock can contract, transmit or spread the COVID – 19 virus. Hence, abandonment of pets and harassment of pet owners and feeders of street animals is unjustified, unscientific and illegal.