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Tiger Shroff shares his flying kick woes

Action star and fitness enthusiast Tiger Shroff on Thursday shared that flying kicks, something that he aces, look easy on video games than in real life.
In an Instagram video clip, Tiger is seen running and then performing a mid-air flip, before kicking his partner to the ground.
“Why are some of these moves so much easier to do in video games,” he wrote as the caption.
Tiger’s stunt stunned everyone, including his sister Krishna Shroff, who commented: ‘BRUH, what???”
Krishna’s beau Eban Hyams said: “Dang”.
Singer Shaan wrote: “is this real ..or a video game ?!?”
Singer Armaan Malik posted: “im gonna be hiding the next time we jam.”
Tiger’s mother Ayesha Shroff simply said: “Wowwwwwwwzaaaaa!!!!”