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“Today’s wars are of ideas, intellect & innovation”

Momentous day for GCs at IMA
By Our Staff Reporter
DEHRADUN, 8 June: For 355 gentlemen cadets (GCs), it was an eventful and momentous day at the prestigious Indian Military Academy (IMA) on Saturday as they passed out of its portals and became proud officers of the Indian army.
A total of 394 Officer Cadets of 154 Regular Course and 137 Technical Graduate Course, including 39 Officer Cadets from 10 Friendly Foreign Countries successfully passed out from the hallowed portals of the IMA.
The Officer Cadets displayed inspiring enthusiasm and zeal, and put up an excellent show, marching with perfection to Military tunes of `Sare Jahan Se Achha’ and ‘Kadam Kadam Badhaye Ja’ with pride and élan reflecting in each step in the Passing out Parade (POP). They knew that their parents and loved ones were witnessing each step with great pride and affection including those watching the live coverage on all media platforms.
Lt Gen MV Suchindra Kumar, GOC-In-C, Northern Command, Reviewed the Parade. He congratulated the Officer Cadets on successful completion of their training at IMA. He also, complimented the Instructors and Officer Cadets for the excellent parade, immaculate turnout as well as the crisp, synergised drill movements indicating high standards of training and discipline imbibed by the young leaders.
“The dynamics of combat are changing rapidly. Technological transformation has been continuously impacting the character of Modern Wars. The use of Space, Cyber and Cognitive domains in warfare are contemporary realities. Information Warfare, Drones, Autonomous Systems, Cyber, exploitation of EM spectrum and man-machine teaming, comprise the new normal. In fact, all these domains are being refined with every passing day with the use of disruptive technologies, thereby increasing the complexities of wars. Today’s wars are wars of ideasintellect and innovation. Be prepared, to be at the forefront to meet these challenges,” he articulated.
The Reviewing Officer further said, “Today is the culmination of your training and the commencement of your professional career. This is a moment that comes once in your lifetime and shall be an inspiration for all your future endeavours. The pledge that you take today and the vows that you make to your nation are sacred and shall precede all your commitments, henceforth.”
“I would like to extend my compliments to the Commandant and his team, for training such confident and motivated batch of Officer Cadets. I am sure, they all will earn laurels for our Army and the Nation in times to come,” he said.
The coveted Sword of Honour was presented to AUO Praveen Singh. Gold Medal for the Officer Cadet standing First in the Order of Merit was presented to AUO Praveen Singh.  Silver Medal for the Officer Cadet standing Second in the Order of Merit was presented to ACA Mohit Kapri. Bronze Medal for the Officer Cadet standing Third in the Order of Merit was presented to BUO Shaurya Bhatt. Silver Medal for the Officer Cadet standing First in the Order of Merit from Technical Graduate Course was presented to Offr Cdt Vinay Bhandari. Bangladesh Medal for the Officer Cadet standing First in the Order of Merit from Foreign Country was presented to FOC Mohammad Nur Kutubul Alam, Bangladesh.
Chief of Army Staff Banner was awarded to Kohima Company for standing Overall First amongst 12 companies for the Spring Term 2024.