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Tourists stranded in Dhanaulti due to snowfall


By Our Staff Reporter
Mussoorie, 23 Jan: Rain in Mussoorie and snowfall in Dhanaulti have led to a severe drop in temperature. Tourists were stranded due to the snowfall in Dhanaulti. Snowfall on the Mussoorie-Dhanaulti road adversely affected flow of traffic near Suvakholi.
The snowfall has also caused the road to become posing a danger to moving vehicles. In order to enjoy the snowfall in the area, a large number of people turned up at Dhanaulti, today, causing a huge rush of vehicles on the Mussoorie-Dhanaulti road. People alleged that neither the police nor any administrative representative was present at the spot to help.
Local residents reported that there was a lot of snowfall around Dhanaulti late in the night, due to which the traffic has been completely disrupted. In many areas, people are facing problems due to power failure.Tourists arriving in Dhanaulti and the surrounding area are stuck, while the vehicles are slipping due to slippery roads, which could lead to a major accident. Locals demanded that the administration and the police make arrangements to transport the people trapped in Dhanaulti and Suvakholi to their destinations as they, particularly small children, are suffering a lot from the cold.