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Toxic colours will be separated from industry waters

Graphic Era invents another revolutionary technology
By Our Staff Reporter 
Dehradun1 July: Scientists of Graphic Era have discovered the technology to save the Ganga and Yamuna from the toxic water waste of industriesThese scientists have made such a peel from nano cellulose which can separate the colors from the water coming out of the industries. The Central Government has registered this new invention as a patent under the name of Graphic Era.
Faculties of Graphic Era Deemed University and Graphic Era Hill University have come up with this invention to get rid of water pollution. The special thing is that this work of making skin which plays a revolutionary role in preventing pollution has been done from sugarcane bagasse, cost of which is negligible.
The team of Dr Abhilasha Mishra, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Graphic Era Deemed University, Dr Brijesh Prasad, faculty, Mechanical Engineering, and Rekha Goswami, faculty, Department of Environmental Science, Graphic Era Hill University, has made this revolutionary invention.
Dr Abhilasha Mishra said that after continuous efforts of two years, success has been found in finding this technique to separate the dangerous colours present in the water coming out of tannery and textile industry through water. For this, this team of scientists, after studying the side effects of dangerous chemical dyes coming out of the industries, conducted various experiments to separate them from water, found that a special kind of skin (nano composite) has the ability to absorb these harmful dyes. After several experiments and improvements, a nano-composite prepared from bagasse left over after extracting sugarcane juice, the team developed a technique to separate water from hazardous dyes.
Scientist Rekha Goswami said that with the help of this nano composite, dangerous colours not only separated from water, but also they can also be used again. In this way, where on one hand the water can be cleaned, on the other hand the colours can also be used again and again.
Dr Kamal Ghanshala, Chairman, Graphic Era Group of Institutions, termed it a major success in the direction of preventing water pollution. He said that toxic dyes released from tannery and textile industries have become a major problem in many states and industrial cities. With the help of this invention, this problem that has been continuously increasing for many decades can be solved. He congratulated the team of scientists. The Central Government has registered the patent  in the name of Graphic Era.