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Triple Engine Sarkar !  

With Ajit Pawar joining the BJP led Shiv Sena (Shinde) government in Maharashtra, there is a triple engine Sarkar in place in India’s politically and economically important state on the West coast. Given the marginalization of Ajit Pawar and Praful Patel in the NCP which has taken a dynastic turn, coupled with the pressure and lure of the ruling dispensation in the Centre, this was not unexpected : but it is the number of MLAs and MLCs from the NCP which have joined the Ajit Pawar  ~ Praful Patel camp which suggests that perhaps the Grand Maratha has lost the hold and connect with his party-for the dissidents have now claimed that they are the real NCP for the majority of the legislators are clearly with them.
For Ajit Pawar, this is his third run as the Deputy Chief Minister. He was first administered oath of office in this capacity on November 23, 2019 in the brief alliance that he made with the Fadnavis led BJP. The senior Pawar then stepped in to craft an alliance with the Shiv Sena and the Congress, and Ajit Pawar again took oath as the Deputy CM on December 30 of the same year. This lasted till June of 2022, when the majority of the legislators joined Shinde and ditched Thackeray. Even as the BJP was calling NCP the Naturally corrupt party, it was certainly in negotiation with the key members of the party to abandon  Sharad Pawar who was emerging as the leading light of the joint opposition. And thus, three days ago, on July 2, Ajit Pawar took oath for the third time as the Deputy CM of Maharashtra.
While all this has happened in the past in states like Haryana, Bihar and UP- states in the so called ‘cow belt’ this is the first time that such blatant opportunism has been seen on the other side of the Vindhyas. While apportioning blame to Ajit Pawar for jumping ship, can the BJP recuse itself of its role in  the present situation. Is it even aware of the consequences of such opportunism ? It is becoming increasingly clear that the BJP of today is not much different from Congress under Indira Gandhi in regarding power as an end in itself. What would the founders – Shyama Prasad Mookerjee and Deen Dayal Upadhyaya be thinking ?