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Two illegal mazars demolished in Haridwar district, no human remains found

By Arun Pratap Singh
Haridwar, 19 Aug: Haridwar district administration has demolished two illegally constructed Mazars in Haridwar district today. Significantly, no human remains were found in any of the two mazars that have been demolished.
One of the mazars had been constructed in the property of a local government school in Bahadarabad in Haridwar. The school administration has been demanding demolition of the illegal mazar for a long time and had in fact written a letter to the district administration in this regard and had even cited the problems faced by the school children due to the presence of the mazar.
This morning itself, the district administration team asked the school teachers and the staff to go out of the compound following which the security forces cordoned off the premises and demolished the mazar with the use of JCB machines in about an hour. The debris of the mazar has been preserved and kept at  a different location. A notice has also been sent to the khadim of the mazar.
Yet another illegally constructed mazar was also demolished today by the district administration with the use of bulldozer. This illegal mazar had been constructed in Jagjitpur Laksar Road. This structure had been blocking the road for a long time. No human remains were found even in this mazar.