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Two years of Dhami Govt: More hits than misses

By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun/Zaragoza (Spain), 4 Jul: Two years of Pushkar Singh Dhami Government have been rather eventful. These two years can be divided into two parts. One part is the pre-election period, when he was made the Chief Minister by BJP High Command, replacing Tirath Singh Rawat to the surprise of many political analysts across the board. The second part is after he managed to create a positive image as the CM and secured a comfortable victory for the BJP. It was the first time in the twentry two year history of Uttarakhand that a party had managed to retain power. Now that Pushkar Singh Dhami has completed two years on the Chief Minister’s chair, it has been a case of more hits than misses. It is certain that Dhami has managed to take many big and tough decisions. The tougher decisions include a strict anti copying law that has been implemented and the action taken by the Police and the enforcement agencies against those involved in the paper leakages and rigging of the recruitment examinations in the state. More than 80 persons were arrested in the case and most of them continue to remain behind the bars. The law brought by the Dhami Government also incorporates provisions to confiscate properties of the mafia involved in rigging of recruitment examinations and indeed action has been taken in this regard on the ground level too. BJP had promised uniform civil code and the committee formed to draft the bill has done its job. The initiative taken by Dhami in this regard has been appreciated across the country and several states including the Centre are considering treating the draft as a template to prepare their own laws in this regard. Horizontal reservation for women of the state is another political feather in the cap. Some of the other achievements of Dhami Government include perseverant and strict action against encroachment on government land. Despite a strong opposition by the Congress and other opposition parties in the state, the government has stuck to its agenda in clearing the government land of all encroachments even if they may be of religious nature. This has been termed as Land Jihad, since majority of the encroachments on the forest land were in form of illegally constructed mazars with no deadbodies inside.
It may be recalled that after the resignation of Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat, the national leadership had handed over the chair to Pushkar Singh Dhami. It was under Dhami‘s leadership that the BJP contested the 2022 assembly elections and broke a myth by ensuring that BJP retained power for the first time after elections. Even though Dhami had lost the election from Khatima assembly seat. But BJP gave the reins of CM to Dhami again in view of the positive image he had managed to create before the elections as CM. Contesting the by-election from Champawat, Dhami won with record votes.
Another strong law enacted by Dhami Government has been the Anti- Mass Conversions law implemented to stop forced conversions in the state. A provision has been made for forced conversion to jail for 2 to 7 years and a fine of Rs 25,000.
A significant achievement of the government has been to rebuild the infrastructure in tourism sector so that the state can realise its potential fully in the sector. On the lines of Kedarnath Dham and Badrinath Dham, 16 temples are being developed in the first phase under the Manaskhand Mandir Mala Mission for the development of mythological and ancient temples of Kumaon. A  new sports policy to encourage young players has also been implemented and has been appreciated. The state was also among the first ones to adopt the New Education Policy, which became another factor in boosting Dhami’s image as a serious  leader.
Among other positives that Dhami can be credited with include his easy going nature and easy accessibility for the common man as compared to many of his predecessors.
However, there are many challenges too before the government and to his leadership as well. To ensure timely completion of urban development and smart city projects, Dhami Government is yet to show the level of strictness that is required and delay in smart city projects in Dehradun and Mussoorie have attracted justified criticism of the Dhami Government.
Despite increasing number of cases of land grabbing and property related frauds in the state and particularly in Dehradun, Haridwar and US Nagar, the government is yet to work out an effective mechanism and system to take action against the land mafia and towards ensuring that property related frauds are prevented. For this,  strict action has to be taken against revenue and police officials who have for personal considerations or otherwise chosen to ignore the complaints received in this regard.