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U’chal University holds ‘Orientation Programme’



Dehradun, 29 Aug: All the constituent schools of Uttaranchal University conducted an Induction Programme for the Ist year students, who reported on 16 to 22 August. The Induction Programme is designed to help students transition smoothly to life at the University and serves as a platform to build a network of resources that helps the student attain their best.
The University conducted ‘Orientation Programme 2019’ for the students of School of Pharmacy, School of Hospitality Management, School of Media and Communication Studies, and School of Liberal Arts, here, today. Chancellor Jitender Joshi and Vice Chancellor Prof (Dr) NK Joshi were the Guests of Honour. They shared the dais with Prof (Dr) Rajesh Bahuguna (Dean – Law College, Dehradun and Incharge – School of Media and Communication Studies), Dr Anuj Mittal (Director – School of Pharmacy), Manish Badoni (Director – School of Hospitality Management) and Prof (Dr) Shriya Goyal (Head – School of Liberal Arts).
The Orientation Programme began with the welcome of all the guests. The Chancellor and Vice Chancellor were felicitated by Dr Anuj Mittal and Manish Badoni with the presentation of saplings. The lighting of the ceremonial lamp followed. The University Anthem was played next.
Prof (Dr) Rajesh Bahuguna highlighted the achievements of Uttaranchal University and asked the students to safeguard its reputation and identity. He said the term, ‘BHOG’, was his Guru Mantra for the students. ‘B’ stands for be honest to yourself, parents, teachers and profession; ‘H’ stands for have faith in the system in which you are involved; ‘O’ was for being organised in every aspect, and ‘G’- give 100 % in whatever one does.
Vice Chancellor Joshi congratulated the students on their important step towards attainment of professional aspirations and for choosing Uttaranchal University for the same. He asked the students to optimally utilise the resources of the University, to be self-motivated and aim towards attaining knowledge and skill enhancement.
Chancellor Jitender Joshi asked the students to make the best use of their time by honing their skills. He specifically asked the students to ensure their safety both in and outside the campus.
The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Prof (Dr) Shriya Goyal, followed by the National Anthem.