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U’chal University organises training for Master Trainers on ‘MY Bharat Portal’



Dehradun, 7 Jun: Uttaranchal University successfully organised a 2-day Master Trainers Training Programme on ‘MY Bharat Portal’, sponsored by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. The event saw the active participation of NSS Programme Officers and coordinators from all corners of Uttarakhand.

The programme was inaugurated with a welcome address by Prof (Dr) Rajesh Bahuguna, Pro Vice-Chancellor. He emphasised the importance of community service in his address. Dr Shravan Kumar, Nodal Officer of MY Bharat Portal and Dean, Student Welfare, then briefed the audience about the portal and the details of this two-day training programme.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University Prof (Dr) Dharam Buddhi emphasised the importance of technology and research initiatives in academia. Ankita Joshi, Vice-President of Uttaranchal University, highlighted the significance of the MY Bharat Portal in empowering youth and the pivotal role of trainers in this mission. The training programme was then officially inaugurated by Jitender Joshi, President of the University. The inauguration set a positive tone for the comprehensive sessions that followed.

Dr Shravan Kumar acted as the resource person for the seven sessions curated for the participants for the first day.  The sessions focused on accessing the portal, youth registration, login, profile completion, CV building, experimental learning opportunities, partner registration and reporting. The participants engaged in a series of insightful sessions aimed at enhancing their understanding and implementation of the MY Bharat Portal. Interactive discussions and hands-on training were integral to the curriculum, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

The programme’s second day followed the learning streak with a line-up of sessions. Dr Sumit Chaudhary, Professor and HoD of Computer Science at Uttaranchal University acted as the resource person for the sessions on introduction to digital literacy, on software processing and operation of word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software. Gopal Krishna then acted as the resource person for sessions on important software applications, internet and online safety and critical thinking and communication.

The valedictory session featured experience sharing by the participants of various educational Institutions and Universities. They highlighted the impact that the programme would make in the lives of the youth in future. Vanita Sood, Director of the Department of Youth Affairs, delivered remarks emphasising the importance of youth-focused initiatives. Prof (Dr) Dharam Buddhi, Vice-Chancellor provided closing remarks, commending the participants’ dedication and the programme’s success.

Lastly, certificates were distributed to the participants by Jitender Joshi and Vanita Sood, marking the event’s culmination. The university extended its gratitude to all participants and the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports for their support.