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U’khand Chapter of FICCI FLO holds webinar – ‘The Creative Cycle & Impactful Cinema’


Dehradun, 22 Jul: The Uttarakhand Chapter of FICCI FLO organised a national webinar on ‘The Creative Cycle and Impactful Cinema’ with the renowned Cinematographer, Amitabha Singh. Shweta Khulbe, Chief Coordinator, Culture and Heritage Committee, FICCI FLO, Uttarakhand Chapter, was the day chair.
The interactive session emphasised the pivotal role played by cinema in educating society. The relevance of good cinematography and creativity was also discussed as they are vital parts of good cinema.
According to Kiran Bhatt Todaria, Chairperson, FICCI FLO, Uttarakhand Chapter, “Film is a reflection of society, both, present and past. Movies are a form of communication. That communication and those stories come from societies – not just where society is presently and what it’s doing now, but where society has been. The webinar was about how creativity gives us all the reason and motivation for our constructive action.”
“We have a very rich and vibrant history of cinema because of our culture – we have dance, drama and other forms which make it unique. Cinema is an aspirational media, what we see is the aspiration of mass society. It is really energy that moulds and takes shape according to our absorption and perceptions, thus having deep cyclical influence from and impact on the environment we engage with,” said Amitabha Singh.
Commenting on the occasion, Shweta Khulbe, said, “‘Culture is art elevated to a set of beliefs’. This session with Amitabhaji is all about tuning in with his creative wisdom as an artist and knowing his journey as a professional Cinematographer.”
“Creativity is the heart of success and tuning into it everyday is the magic formula to happiness,” added Komal Batra, Senior Vice Chairperson, FICCI FLO, Uttarakhand Chapter.
Members of the Chapter, including Dr Neha Sharma, Vice Chairperson; Gauri Suri, Secretary; Tripti Behl, Joint Secretary; Ruchi Jain, Treasurer; and Charu Chauhan, Joint Treasurer; members of 16 other chapters and Governing Body members of FICCI FLO attended the webinar.
Amitabha Singh is a renowned Cinematographer who has been associated with the film industry for more than 25 years. He has been associated with movies like ‘Khosla ka Ghosla’, ‘Sau Jhooth Ek Sach’, ‘Chill at Party’, ‘The Good Road’ (Oscar nominated and winner of National Award) and Web/OTT like ‘Monu, The Seeker’ and ‘Panchayat’. He is an alumnus of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune. Furthermore, he has been devoting considerable time and energy to foster an ecosystem that may evolve to be conducive and sustainable for content designed for children and early youth. With this vision, he has started a social enterprise called ‘Cinevidya’ since 2016.