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U’khand productions screened at Mussoorie Film Fest



Mussoorie, 28 Dec: On the fifth and penultimate day of the Mussoorie International Film Festival, several short films and documentaries made by Mussoorie film makers were showcased. The film makers whose films were screened included Shubhdarshni Singh, Sanyukta Sharma, Anirban Dutta, Sanjay Tamta, Arvind Sharma and Rupin Dang.

The segment of local films started with a screening of the short film, “Laata”, by Shubhdarshni Singh. The film captures the local traditions of the temple festival of Nanda Devi in village Laata. Shubhdarshni, who is popular for her Doordarshan series “Ek tha Rusty”, based on the stories of Ruskin Bond, captures the rituals that are followed while worshipping the Goddess during the annual temple festival. Brahmakamal flowers which bloom once a year during the festival time are collected by a team of village youngsters who go on an expedition, and are welcomed with great pomp and music once they return with baskets full of the holy flowers. The women of the village are dressed in their brightest traditional clothes and dance together in a circle with slow graceful moments.

The next film was a short film on the unique bee keeping tradition of Uttarakhand, titled “Bo Bo Bhonki”. Film maker Sanyukta Sharma shared that the bee keeping tradition in the villages of Garhwal is very unique and the practice of building bee houses inside the walls of the house is not found anywhere else in the world.  The film was shot in the villages of Sainji and Banogi in Aglar Valley, and the villager in whose house the film was shot was present in the audience.

Arvind Sharma, a cinematographer, shared that the villagers’ beliefs were connected with the queen bee. It is considered very auspicious when the queen bee enters your bee home, and unlucky if she leaves.

There were a series of two documentaries on the singing tradition of Jungoo and Duah of the villages, where the women who work in the forests and farms improvise the songs, and use them as a dialogue with other women. The films were directed by Sanyukta, and produced by Sahapedia.

Two short films on the unique festivals of Uttarakhand, “Maund Mela” and “Devi Dhura”, the stone pelting festival, made by Rupin Dang were screened. Independent journalist and film maker Sanjay Tamta’s documentary on a unique and mysterious tradition of the mountains called “Dubdee” was also exhibited.

Prominent people present were Shubhdarshini Singh, Sanyukta Sharma, film makers,

Anirban Dutta, Cinematographer and Professor, Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute,

Arvind Sharma, Veteran Film Special Effects Professional, and Gopala Krishna, film maker and founder of the film festival.

The following film makers from Mussoorie films were screened, but they were not present – Sanjay Tamta, Rupin Dang, Naturalist and film maker.