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U’khand will become leading state in coming years: Dhami


CM releases state focus paper of NABARD

By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 31 Dec: Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami released the State Focus Paper on Uttarakhand prepared by NABARD at a State Credit Seminar organised here today. According to the state focus paper, the total credit potential of the priority areas of Uttarakhand for the year 2022-23 is estimated at Rs 28,528 crore.

The Chief Minister said on the occasion that the development journey of the state is a collective journey of all the people and that everyone had to discharge his or her responsibility with full readiness. While addressing the ‘State Credit Seminar’ as the Chief Guest, he said that NABARD would play an important role in making Uttarakhand a leading state. With the inspiration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, everyone would have to work together to make Uttarakhand the best state in every field by the year 2025.
The Chief Minister added that NABARD makes an important contribution to the development of the state. Improvements had been made on roads, storage system of agri products, drinking water, irrigation, etc., through schemes related to infrastructure. NABARD’s contribution had also been significant in women empowerment, especially by strengthening priority sectors and generating livelihood through women self-help groups.
The Chief Minister emphasised that the target of making Uttarakhand the best state of the country by the year 2025 had been given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This could be accomplished only through everyone’s efforts. He reminded that the government had been seeking the guidance of experts for the development of the state through the Bodhisattva Thought Series. Interactions were being held with experts and enlightened people from various fields. The suggestions received were being compiled. Along with this, the roadmap for the next 10 years was also being taken from all the departments. Based on this, an action plan for the development of the state would be prepared. The goal of the government’s development policy was to take the benefits of development schemes to the last person standing in the queue. Small farmers and common people ought to get the benefits of the schemes. Innovation was needed in agriculture, horticulture and industries. New technology had to be adopted and the best practices incorporated. Home stay was one such best practice. Due to this, the youth were getting employment on the one hand while, on the other hand, people from abroad were getting acquainted with the culture of Uttarakhand.
The Chief General Manager, NABARD, Arun Pratap Das, said that NABARD, in line with its mandate of ensuring rural prosperity, had adopted a participatory and consultative approach involving all the stakeholders in the field of agriculture and rural development with potential linked to each district of the country, every year. Potential Linked Credit Plans (PLP) provided estimates of credit potential in agriculture, allied and other sectors within the priority sector for each district of the state. These estimates also served as a basis for preparation of Annual Credit Plans (ACPs) for lead banks at the district level and SLBCs at the state level. The State Focus Paper was the culmination of the results of the PLP, which includes the prospects and projections of all the districts in a consolidated document for the state as a whole. In the State Focus Paper for the year 2022-23, the total credit potential for priority sectors in the state of Uttarakhand has been estimated at Rs 28, 528 crores, which shows an increase of 5 percent over the previous year’s credit plan.
Cabinet Ministers Subodh Uniyal, Dhan Singh Rawat, Secretary R Meenakshi Sundaram, RBI Regional Director Rajesh Kumar and Bharsar University VC Prof Ajit Kumar Karnataka were among those present on the occasion.