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U’khand will become leading state under BJP: Nadda


By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 6 Feb: BJP National President JP Nadda is on a two-day visit to Uttarakhand to give edge to the election campaign. Today, he campaigned in Doiwala, Sahaspur, Dharampur and Uttarkashi. Tomorrow he will campaign in Dehradun Cantt and Bageshwar of Kumaon. After reaching Dehradun and campaigning in Doiwala and Dharampur, he took off for Uttarkashi.
In Uttarkashi, he started his address by remembering Bharat Ratna awardee Lata Mangeshkar, who passed away this morning. JP Nadda said she was a symbol of motherly compassion. He described Uttarakhand as a heroic land. Targeting Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Nadda said some people were doing aarti and worship of Ganga and Yamuna rivers. These people were the ones who had been openly opposing construction of the Ram Temple. Nadda claimed that he was, however, happy to see them perform the Aarti of Ganga and other deities as in the process they might gain some knowledge about ancient Indian culture.
Nadda claimed that that only BJP is working for development and the welfare of the people. He reminded that, under the Atal Ayushman Scheme, up to Rs 5 lakhs is being paid for treatment of the beneficiaries, annually. This was the largest health plan in the world. He also said that Sainik Dham is being built in Uttarakhand. He asserted that Himachal and Uttarakhand would be greatly benefited from the newly announced scheme of Parvat Mala for construction of ropeways in the hills where roads are not feasible. He added that Ropeway planning is very important from tourism, pilgrimage and strategic point of view.
JP Nadda addressed the voters of Gangotri and Yamunotri assembly constituencies, also, and claimed that BJP had prepared a detailed blueprint for the development of the state over the next decade. The BJP was the only party to do so. He also targeted the Congress and claimed that, while the BJP governments everywhere presented the report cards of their achievements and the work done before the people before going for the next election, Congress governments never presented their report cards. He also claimed that Congress spoke a lot about poverty eradication but its leaders never had seen poverty, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi not only experienced poverty, himself, he was fully committed to the welfare of the poor as he clearly understood their needs. Nadda sought to remind the people that, during the lockdown, money was directly sent to the accounts of women, gas connections were issued under Ujjwala scheme in the name of women as the BJP was committed towards actual empowerment of women. For women empowerment in the lockdown, money was given into the account of women. Ujjwal gas connection had led to women empowerment.
JP Nadda also reached Sahaspur and participated in door to door campaigning in Doiwala, Dharampur and Sahaspur. He also addressed a rally in Doiwala. After resting the night in Dehradun, Nadda will address meetings in favour of party candidates in Bageshwar, Pithoragarh and Dehradun Cantt tomorrow. State media in-charge of BJP Manveer Chauhan disclosed that programme coordinators had been appointed for every meeting of the national party president.