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U’khandis of Navi Mumbai praise CM Dhami for implementing UCC


By Our Staff Reporter 

Navi Mumbai, (Vashi) 17 Feb: A ceremony was held to felicitate Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, under the joint aegis of “Kauthig Mahotsav” and “Devbhoomi Sports Foundation”, organisations of Uttarakhandis based in Mumbai.

The main objective of the event was to support the ‘citizen-friendly’ Uniform Civil Code (UCC) that was passed in the Uttarakhand Assembly, recently.

On this occasion, a letter of gratitude addressed to Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami by the local Uttarakhandi dignitaries along with the office-bearers of Kauthig and Sports Foundation to his representative and media coordinator Sanjay Balodi Prakhar, who was present at the event.

On this occasion, officials of another Navi Mumbai based organisation, “Devbhoomi Jai Maa Nandadevi Charitable Trust” also expressed their gratitude and sent a letter to the Chief Minister.

This programme was specially organised by Sports Foundation Chief Convenor Manoj Bhatt and its President, Suresh Rana.

Sanjay Balodi Prakhar described the process from creation of the UCC draft in Uttarakhand to placing it on the table of the Assembly.

Kauthik Foundation President Heera Singh Bhakuni, Sports Foundation Convenor Manoj Bhatt, Navi Mumbai Councillor Bahadur Singh Bisht and other dignitaries not only expressed their gratitude to Chief Minister Dhami but also appreciated his decisions.