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U’khand’s 1st PET-CT scan inaugurated at Himalayan Institute


By Our Staff Reporter

Doiwala, 19 Nov: Uttarakhand’s first Pet-Scan health facility has been inaugurated at the Cancer Research Wing of Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences at Jolly Grant, today. Vice Chancellor Dr Vijay Dhasmana formally inaugurated the service. On this occasion, he said that patients will no longer have to go out of Uttarakhand for PET-scan.
Vice Chancellor Dr Dhasmana said, “We are committed to providing quality healthcare facilities of international standard to the patients. In this regard, the Institute of Cancer Research Institute is now going to start a PET-scan facility. Positron emission tomography (PET scan) has best resolution for the detection of any abnormal growth inside the body. Very few hospitals in the country have this facility. He said that the Nuclear Medicine Department at CRI was established in 2009 with a single head gamma camera. Which has now become the first PET CT facility in the entire state of Uttarakhand. We bring to the people of Uttarakhand, the state of art PET CT facility, authorised by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), with the best support equipment and highly qualified team of professionals. So, the patients from this region can utilise the services of this sophisticated technology at our centre at reasonable cost. PET CT test can detect diseases at a very early stage with the use of radioactive medicines, even before most other imaging modalities can. The unique ability of imaging is based on the cellular function and physiology rather than relying only on the anatomy. PET CT imaging modality is an essential constituent of management of many cancers, heart diseases, brain disorders, as well as in research. There are also plans to further expand clinical services of nuclear medicine by commencing high dose radioiodine therapy for thyroid cancer in the coming years. This new PET CT installation will be a valuable asset to the training course of undergraduate medical students, post-graduate students as well as paramedical students of our university, as its application for research purpose is immense. The department of Nuclear Medicine is committed to excellence in patient care and research so as to ensure delivery of high quality nuclear medicine services in a compassionate, patient focused atmosphere.”
CRI Director Dr Sunil Saini, Dr Prakash Keshaviah, Dr Vineet Mehrotra, Dr Mushtaq Ahmad, Dr SL Jethani, Dr Saumya Kumari, Dr Meenu Gupta, Nisha Bhatia were present at the event.