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Unacceptable Principle


The British Labour Party, under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, has passed a motion demanding foreign intervention in Kashmir to prevent alleged human rights violations. The party has displayed complete ignorance of the actual situation and acted only in sheer self-interest in the context of Britain’s internal politics. This is how most professional politicians are – they have little regard for the truth or the long term consequences of their actions. Corbyn is known to have taken the Labour Party to the extreme left, which has involved making common cause with extremist elements of all kinds, including Islamists. It is the kind of appeasement politics practiced by the Congress and similar ‘secular’ parties in India that led to large scale disillusionment with them. The L abour Par ty’s action is also an acknowledgement of the fact that the Indian Diaspora, formerly a strong supporter of the party, has become conservative in its political beliefs. Not expecting any votes from them, Corbyn has opted for the other votebank – Pakistanis and radicalised sections from the minorities. It is ironic that, having supposedly ideologically disassociated itself from Britain’s imperialistic past, the party should have the temerity to demand that the international organisations and India submit to its directions. Corbyn should be asked whether – in the face of the ‘solidarity’ of the southern states and their confederacy – US President Abraham Lincoln should have held a plebiscite or referendum and accept their secessionist demands? The South would have ‘peacefully’ gone its own way and slavery would have continued on for many more years. What was the principle, then, that over-ruled the right of self-determination being cited by Corbyn? India cannot concede the principle that people who are historically its part can claim separation on the basis of religion or race. This ‘solution’ was forced upon it once before by threatening violence. Instead of preventing violence, it brought much more of it and the wounds have festered since then. There are many areas in many cities of Britain today that have been declared to be under Sharia rule. Will Corbyn accept their right to secede and live under separate laws? By failing to face up to the reality, he might end up becoming an enabler to the communal cause. The British people realise this, which is why Labour is in the state it is in now. And, it must not be forgotten, that waiting in the wings are the Scots, who are hoping that the Brexit mess and the ongoing existential crisis will lead on to their independence as early as the beginning of next year. The chickens would then have come home to roost.